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Drew Brees, One of the Good Guys

November 30th, 2010 by Editor

Unfortunately, the majority of the stories on this blog revolve around a negative topic. It’s not that I prefer writing about the ugly side of the game. It’s simply due to the fact that players stepping out of line and coaches getting fired is what makes headlines — not playing by the rules and doing what is expected of you as a professional athlete. Well, I am happy to say that today, I get to write a positive story about one of the NFL’s good guys: The Saints’ Drew Brees.

As I mentioned above, it’s rare for a player to be recognized for doing simply what is expected of him, but on Tuesday, Drew Brees, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New Orleans Saints was honored by Sports Illustrated as their “Sportsman of the Year.” Aside from his absolute domination on the field last year, Brees received the award for his year-round work with charities that bring aid to schools and organizations that were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

What truly makes Brees so unique and so remarkable, though, is the quiet way in which he carries out his work. He is the antithesis of many of high-profile NFL stars: loudmouth athletes who seem more interested in their own image and self-worth. Brees, on the other hand, is a family man and philanthropist who plays with passion and grace. He is the consummate professional. And in this tumultuous NFL season, it is certainly refreshing to recognize the greatness of an athlete who represents everything good in and around the game. — Michael Rosenblum for Hulu

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  • leork says:

    One of the good guys……..Some people say if one wants to succeed, one should say other every day how successful one is. But not in such a way Drew Brees, he does not need such a thing. He is not only big Sportsman, but also a great person, the others helps if they are in need. And this without talking about it !