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Hulu Plus Launches Out of Preview for $7.99/month

November 17th, 2010 by Jason Kilar CEO

Since we released the Hulu Plus subscription service as a preview in July, the Hulu team has been hard at work extending the device footprint, refining existing applications, and adding to the content lineup, all while listening to feedback from our users, content partners, and advertisers.

I am happy to announce that today we are launching the Hulu Plus subscription service out of preview. With this launch, we are proud to offer our users the only subscription service with the full current season of hit TV shows like Glee, Modern Family, The Office, House, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, and more, with minimal ad-load, across computers, TVs, mobile phones, and tablets.

We’ve always been committed to providing our users the best value possible in all of our offerings, and we’re excited to announce several milestones in that goal for Hulu Plus.

First, the monthly price for Hulu Plus moving forward is just $7.99. Any current subscribers who joined during our preview period will receive a credit for the difference from the $9.99 preview price. This credit will automatically be applied to their next billing cycle.

Hulu Plus is now available on devices that have an installed base of over 50 million. Today, Hulu Plus launches on Roku. All PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Network account, which is free, can download the Hulu Plus application. In the months to come, Hulu Plus will be coming to Internet-connected Vizio, LG Electronics, and Panasonic Blu-ray players and HDTVs; TiVo Premiere DVRs; the Xbox 360; and Western Digital’s WD TV Live Hub Media Center and WD TV Live Plus Network Media Player, with many more mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and Internet-connected devices to be announced.

We haven’t forgotten about our existing device lineup and applications, either. Over the next week, updates to the Samsung, PlayStation 3, and Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Hulu Plus apps will be available, bringing a variety of bug fixes and feature and performance enhancements.

Now that the fall TV season is underway, Hulu Plus is the only subscription service to offer every episode of new shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC, including Raising Hope, No Ordinary Family, and The Event, in addition to established favorites like House, Glee, and Modern Family. We’ve also added back seasons of hit shows including Monk, Psych, and Battlestar Galactica, and by year-end, the lineup will include every episode from all 36 seasons of Saturday Night Live.

We realize that for many users, Hulu Plus represents a markedly new way to keep up with their favorite TV shows. To make it as easy and risk-free as possible for users to try out this service, we’re pleased to share the following special offers:

    One free week trials for all new subscribers. In addition, current subscribers who joined during the preview period will receive a credit for one week of Hulu Plus toward their next month’s subscription.
    Two free weeks of Hulu Plus for both current subscribers and friends they invite through our referral program. Subscribers can learn more by clicking on the “Referrals” tab on their Hulu profile page.
    11 weeks ($20 worth) of free Hulu Plus with the purchase of a Sony BRAVIA connected TV or Blu-ray player through January 31, 2011. (See sony.com/huluplus.)
    One free month of Hulu Plus with the purchase of a Roku device through December 15, 2010. (See roku.com/hulu.)

We’re highly encouraged by the response we’ve received to the Hulu Plus service during the preview period. Though the service has only been in preview for part of this year, Hulu Plus is already accounting for a material percentage of Hulu’s overall business. But we’re even more excited about where we plan to take the service in the months and years to come. This is just one more step in the journey to reinvent TV. We hope you’ll join us.

Jason Kilar
CEO, Hulu

Last comment: Feb 2nd 2011 23 Comments
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  • Chris Hamilton says:

    It’s really a shame that your Hulu Plus channel lineup is completely abysmal compared to what you are offering for free. It would have been nice to see Hulu Plus contain everything Hulu already offers for free (or at least a larger portion of it) as well as the new content and devices.

    The fact that I’m paying money for the privilege of not being able to view content over my Roku that I could easily view for free if I just run my computer’s HDMI output to the TV really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What exactly are we paying for?

  • Aditya says:

    Are you still showing ads? If so, then 7.99 is 7.99 too much

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  • Brian Yoshimura says:

    I always welcome new companies that try to bring me content in new and convenient ways, astonished that my daughter was watching a movie on a mobile phone streamed over the Cell Tower while we were waiting for our food. AMAZING!!

    However, I am very disappointed that I am paying for commercials even though I have a subscription. Your big red competitor Netflix does not employ this tactic, and I get to watch movies, tv shows released on dvd, and MANY MORE with hardly any commercial, lag, or bugs.

    Sure Hulu may be offering current content, so I don’t have to wait for the DVD release on Netflix, however being dinged twice is a down right dirty shame.

    Being charged a monthly subscription and having to sit through as you put it “Minimal Ads” is still too much, thank you but no thanks.

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  • MikeTeeVee says:

    One thing I noticed on Roku: The countdown message in the upper left corner during ads is mostly off the screen. Everything else fits on the screen, so I don’t think it’s a zoom/overscan issue.

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  • Michael says:

    My #1 ask — Hulu Plus for Apple TV. I had a subscription for my iPad but cancelled because I’m not ‘mobile’ enough to really justify it. Was great while on an extended business trip. Having it available on Apple TV — I’d re-subscribe right away. The price drop also helps. More reasonable.

  • Tracy says:

    when you have showtime shows like Dexter and Weeds, then you’ll have me

  • Ryan says:

    That’s nice and all, but the statement “…Hulu Plus is the only subscription service to offer every episode of new shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC…” is misleading and disingenuous.

    There are many shows from each of those providers that aren’t available to Hulu Plus subscribers, but ARE available on Hulu Free (e.g. Fringe).

  • Michelle says:

    Will this be coming to the wii?

  • David says:

    Is it just for TV shows or are there movies offered?

  • Bill says:

    Any plans to come to the Wii?

  • Allen G. says:

    Hi Jason,

    This is fantastic news. I’m so glad you guys have kept improving the service and are pricing it comparably to the Netflix streaming service.

    However, I’m disappointed to see that there isn’t an ad-free version (maybe Hulu Premium?). The most appealing part of Hulu when it first launched was the limited number of advertisements. Now it seems that there are almost as many commercials as live broadcast television.

    I’m 100% positive that Hulu users would overwhelmingly approve of a commercial-free version of Hulu Plus, even at a slightly higher monthly cost. I’d love to see you include this option in the future.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • Josh says:

    I’d rather pay $10 for commercial-free Hulu. Maybe even $15. I just can’t see paying any amount of money to see commercials.

  • Rebecca Elliott says:


    I’m not seeing anything in my queue but I have tons on the website acct. Also, content very limited. Not seeing many of my shows and channels? HGTV, PBS, Sesame St? Can you help? Thanks

  • Linda says:

    What the heck is Roku?

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  • Tiffany says:

    I won’t even think about subscribing until an Android app is released. And what will happen to Hulu Desktop app? I currently use it on my HTPC.