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Kurt Warner: Game Over on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

November 10th, 2010 by Editor

Sorry folks, Super Bowl winner and two-time MVP Kurt Warner won’t be adding a Dancing with the Stars mirror-ball trophy to his collection. Warner was sent home last night from the dancing competition after making it to the Top 5 — an impressive feat considering he was never the most mobile of quarterbacks. One might expect a skill position player, such as Emmitt Smith or Jerry Rice, to do well in a fleet of foot competition, but it’s downright impressive when a 6-foot-2 pocket quarterback makes it that far, particularly when he was never a contender for taking home a prize for “Most Agile.”

In a show that consistently plays up the difference between the performers and the athletes, Warner showed warmth and personality that maybe the fans (and the judges) weren’t expecting. It didn’t hurt that he’s a devoted husband and father — a fact that the show played up constantly. At times, he came off as the proud father-of-the-bride who had taken hours of dancing lessons in order to impress at his daughter’s wedding.

Once again, like Smith, Rice, and Warren Sapp before him, Warner showed that just because the NFL presents itself as a hard-hitting, smash-mouth game meant only for the toughest of the tough and the manliest of men, it doesn’t mean that a player can’t have a friendly persona or a genuine demeanor off the field. — Michael Rosenblum for Hulu

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