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James Harrison and Troy Polamalu: Shut Up and Play

November 6th, 2010 by Editor

For the third time this season, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers was fined by the NFL for dangerous hits on his opponents. Earlier this year, in a fit of hyperbole (or a regression to first grade antics), Harrison threatened to retire after he received the second of these suspensions. Apparently giving a defenseless player a concussion was not a fine-worthy offense in his mind. Well this week, Harrison’s hard-hitting (and crazy-haired) teammate Troy Polamalu came to his aid, claiming that the Commissioner has too much power over these decisions. As far as I’m concerned though, if a player comes right out and says that he tries to hurt people, he deserves to have the league watch him with intense scrutiny.

Polamalu and Harrison can be dominant forces on the field (check out their impact in the Super Bowl 43 recap video below), but with all the jawing they’ve been doing in the press these past few weeks, I’m reminded of an old sports slogan that maybe these two should keep in mind: Shut up and play! — Michael Rosenblum for Hulu

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