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Now Available: Update v1.2 for Hulu Plus on iOS

September 29th, 2010 by Zach Holt Lead Developer

Hulu Plus version 1.2 went live in the iTunes App Store yesterday. The app runs on all devices at or above iOS 3.2.

The list of tweaks and additions is far too long for this post, but here are some of the key improvements we’ve put into version 1.2:

  • - More intuitive behavior around receiving notifications (e.g., calendar, SMS, or phone calls) while in the app
  • - Improved resume functionality
  • - Better cross-device synching
  • - More search results

Beyond these, we’ve made many improvements to the Hulu Plus app’s stability and playback performance, especially when playing videos at high bit rates.

We’ve got a lot more updates across all our apps planned for the coming months. Stay tuned!

Zach Holt
Lead Software Developer, Hulu

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  • mandi69 says:

    Let’s all say thanks to the people that put this together.. It takes time and money to do these things and they are being done with us in mind. We have to be thankful for the people that spend time doing this as many are using this kind of thing now. Thanks everyone

  • Steven says:

    Zach, I’m a Hulu addict looking for a fix. You wouldn’t be interested in hooking me up with a plus invite, would ya?

    PS It feels wrong to beg for the privilege paying y’all 10 bucks a month. All the same, I ain’t too proud. :-)

  • VP says:

    iPhone 4 Video out support soon?

  • Sherry says:

    I wish Apple and Adobe would make up so all Hulu shows would be viewable on an iPad.

  • Tim Chaten says:

    The major update I am waiting for is AirPlay functionality will this be added in November? – You have announced Tivo and Roku support – what about AppleTV through AirPlay?

  • Michael Arnold says:

    What we need more than anything right now is more hulu content opened up for HuluPlus streaming to iOS devices and TV! Were paying for it!

  • Tom says:

    I was wondering when you’ll add in the ability to lock orientation into landscape? currently watching in bed is impossible because it’ll drop into upside-down portrait, so if I’m watching while my head is at 90 degrees and with the phone’s earpiece down (which works fine for YouTube/iPod movies), Hulu app will keep rotating to the 180 and be in portrait while I’m expecting landscape.

    Sure, iOS 4 has orientation lock, but it’s for 0 degree portrait only, and won’t work for landscape even if you turn it on while the device is in landscape mode. I’ve reported this problem to hulu support a few times, and cancelled hulu plus because of it. It’s just useless if I can’t watch in bed.