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Now Available: Update v2.02 for Hulu Plus on PS3

September 20th, 2010 by Daniel Bear Principal Software Development Lead

As of this morning, the latest version of Hulu Plus on the PlayStation®3 is available. The most exciting new feature in this release is automatic adaptive bitrate switching, which means that the video quality will dynamically change to accommodate fluctuations in network conditions. This aims to deliver the smoothest, highest quality video stream that your internet connection can handle.

The new version (v2.02) will be available as an update the next time you launch the Hulu Plus app. The full list of improvements includes the following:

  • - Automatic adaptive bitrate switching, which dynamically changes the video quality to accommodate fluctuations in network conditions. Note that this feature can be overridden by selecting a specific video quality using the R1 button.
  • - Improved support for PlayStation Blu-ray remote (pause, play, stop, fast-forward/rewind buttons).
  • - Support for PlayStation QWERTY keypad accessory for search and login text input.
  • - Significantly reduced application size (faster updates!).
  • - Improved playback error reporting to assist customer support requests.
  • - New video expiration notices to provide advance warning when a video will expire.
  • - Numerous general bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stability improvements.

The Hulu Plus team is continually improving the applications already in use by increasing stability and adding features requested by Hulu users. We’re also working hard to bring the Hulu Plus experience to as many devices as possible. Be sure to check back for updates here on our blog and on our list of supported devices.

Daniel Bear
Lead Developer, Hulu

Last comment: Sep 23rd 2014 32 Comments
  • Jay Doggett says:

    The PS3 remote control no longer works after today’s update. Can we have an ETA on a fix?

  • same here Hulu + not working in my PS3

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  • Irate says:

    Latest Hulu update on the ps3 has broken the application, it will not start. Sometimes with an error (an error has occurred with Hulu Plus. Please restart the application) sometimes with nothing at all… on both ps3 I have… Fix it! $10 bucks a month fit shotty coding and commercials..

  • At this time, the playback buttons on the PlayStation 3 remote do not work properly after the latest Hulu Plus application update. Our developers are aware of this issue, and are working on a resolution. In the meantime, any button that mimics what you would use on a normal PS3 gaming controller (such as using “X” instead of “ENTER”) will still function on the remote. There is no specific time-frame for a fix at the moment, but we expect to see this addressed in the next update.

  • Hello All,

    If you are experiencing an error after updating the Hulu Plus PS3 App to version 1.04 from the 11/29/11 release, please uninstall and reinstall the application to clear the error message. More details and instructions can be found at http://www.hulu.com/support/article/20707961

    For further support, please contact my team at http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form

    Casey D
    Hulu Support

  • john says:

    my ps3 still says v 1.00 and ive never seen anything that says update ever for hulu plus?

  • Earl says:

    Same here. I have no need for PS+, and I wanna watch hulu on my ps3. Make it happen!

  • Domenick says:

    I’m with Andres! I would have already subscribed to Hulu Plus (and tried the preview invite I received) if I DIDN’T have to subscribe to Playstation Plus!

  • earl says:

    I agree with Andres. Why is it that I can stream netflix on my PS3 without paying for PSN+ (which to me is useless), but I have to pay an additional $50 a year to stream Hulu? You would have so many more subscribers if you did away with this PSN+ nonsense.

  • Mark says:

    Yes, when will it be available to all? I have it on my ipad but I prefer to watch it on the big LED

  • Steve says:

    someone let me know when it comes out of preview! i definitely will not pay for PSN+ but i will for sure pay for hulu plus

  • Brandon says:

    Ditto that. I will be very interested in this for my PS3 when I don’t have to pay for a PSN+ account, too. Till then, I guess I’m out. :(

  • Left4Red says:

    No PS+, No Hulu+… Make it available for more than just PS+ and you have my $10 a month (with ads >.<)

  • Isaac says:

    Since the 2.02 update, my Hulu freezes in the menus, while browsing, and just randomly all around. Why is this happening? I have plenty of hard drive space (over 200 GB remaining) and it never did this until the most recent Hulu update.

    Thank you

  • Christopher says:

    Second that. This all seems superfluous until it comes out of membership. Most of us have PS3 because it is a high quality bluray, with other home media features and a sharp interface.

    But 10/month a month for Hulu Plus is already a fortune since it’s free on the computer or on your TV through Boxee or other streaming options. Paying an additional 50 dollars a year just for the feature to Sony is ridiculous. A preview time is fine but please be more transparent. Give us a release date for when it leaves preview. October? November? December? 2011?

  • Andrew says:

    Will Chuck ever become available? Any rumors on a deal with CW (Supernatural)?

  • Wow! Can’t wait to try this on my PS3 when I got home! The automatic adaptive bitrate switching is kinda exciting, it would be a new experience of video streaming

  • Kelly C says:

    I’m looking forward to the release of the Sony Bluray I have (bravia link?) Do we know when that will happen?

  • Jake says:

    My wife an I are eagerly waiting for this to come out of preview. I won’t pay for Playstation plus to then play $10 for Hulu. Please just get this out there.

  • Josh says:

    I am in the same boat. When is hulu plus going to be out of preview? I would subscribe now but I have NO USE for a PSN+ membership. I do not game much and use my PS3 mainly as a media center/server. Please hulu, hurry up!

  • Brian says:

    Is there any estimate on when it will be coming out for non psn plus users?
    New season of shows are starting now and it would be really great if I can start watching them on the tv instead of the pc.

  • Devin S says:

    Thanks for adding support for the Blu-ray remote!

  • Jim says:

    What Hulu really needs is closed captions for all of it’s shows. I work on a computer that can’t have speakers and I would watch a lot more shows if CC was an option.

  • Soul of Wit says:

    So, have you officially killed Hulu Desktop yet?

  • Kersten says:

    Can you please give some timeline on when you will be adding more Samsung Blu-ray players. I bought a new TV that your site said supported it and a blu-ray player yet I cannot view the apps to use the subscription I already paid for. I am a loyal customer, but this conflict from Hulu and Samsung support makes me very disappointed and will probably cancel my subscription; and therefore not recommend it to anyone. I want to see you all succeed, but bad support is not helping my image of the company.

  • Alex says:

    Hooray!!!! COmpatibility with Playstation Blu-ray Remote, Works very well. Just tried it out. As small a feature this is, It’s very useful if you use the remote alot.

  • Dan Rayburn says:

    Video quality with the update is improved. Appreciate the adaptive bitrate encoding.

  • jonbradley says:

    That’s an awesome question. I have July plus on my iPhone and iPad but, still don’t wanna pay 15 more a month

  • Andres says:

    I can’t wait to try this. The question is, WHEN is it gonna come out of preview? This is the only thing holding me back from subscribing to Hulu Plus, as I would only be watching from my PS3, but can’t really justify paying for the PSN+ membership.