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Hello Seattle

September 16th, 2010 by Richard Tom VP, Platform Technology

Perhaps when you think of Seattle your taste buds prepare themselves for a freshly brewed espresso or a not-so-simple soy-decaf-single-shot-one-pump-vanilla-iced-latte. Or perhaps Seattle conjures images of the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital, where lives are saved and relationships flatline. Or maybe, if you’re like me, your thoughts rush to Cuban sandwiches at Paseo, the inspiring view at Gasworks Park, and the incredible engineering and startup communities that thrive in this rainy Emerald City.

As someone who called Seattle my home for nearly eight years, I’m truly excited to announce that Hulu will be opening a development center in Seattle by the end of the year.

While most people think of TV shows when they think of Hulu, at Hulu we pride ourselves in being a technology company first and foremost. Over the last year, we’ve scaled our service to handle over 30 million users and over 1 billion streams per month. We’ve architected a content distribution platform to store, transcode, and deliver petabytes of video on commodity hardware. We even managed to launch our own video ad server while building a subscription service that provides users with unfettered access to their favorite shows on PCs, TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

But despite all our progress to date, our toughest and most interesting technical challenges continue to lie ahead of us. The online video experience today is only a fraction of what we think it can and should be, and we’re looking for talented people who, like us, are inspired to invent the future.

We’ve always known that Hulu is defined by its people and its culture. We believe that the talented engineers of the Seattle area embody our philosophy, and we have firsthand knowledge to back that up: nearly 50 percent of our developers in Los Angeles were once Seattleites building enterprise database servers, operating systems and web frameworks.

Rest assured we will leave no coffee shop unchecked and no coffee bean unturned as we search for the brightest and best software developers out there. If you’re one of them and are interested in a new adventure, stop over at our job site or ping me at .

Richard Tom
VP, Platform Technology

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