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Trippin’ Out

July 16th, 2010 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

Summertime and the living’s easy. School’s out, and so is the sun. It would be criminal to stay indoors when the world is calling. It’s the perfect time for a road trip! The open road! Adventure! Beef jerky! Sure, your wallet may say “stay-cation,” but after you take a look at this guide to road trips featuring some of the coolest rides on TV this summer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an excuse not to take a sick day (wink!) and see how much more infinitely awesome your life could be after logging some significant mileage. — Martin Moakler, Content Editor

The most epic road trips just happen. A buddy decrees it and everyone must drop everything and head right out the door. It’s road trip law. Too much planning just puts off the fun. And it’s ten times more awesome if you can just run out and jump into your buddy’s muscle car, like Stark’s Trans Am from The Good Guys.

You want to ensure the suckers schlepping to work alongside you notice how much fun you’re having. By riding in standout wheels, like Jules Cobb’s cherry red Lexus IS-C convertible from Cougar Town, the commuters sharing the road will be forced to spot you and become green with envy. The hot rod will also guarantee you catch the eyes of a carful of hotties on their own road trip.

As you traverse across the land, you might find yourself in a sticky situation. Perhaps you’ll get lost; maybe you’ll commit a faux pas while asking for directions; or possibly you’ll take your Dodge Charger to a fake drug deal thus setting up your partner to be lured into a drug dealer’s trap, like Michael Westen does in Burn Notice … it happens. Even though you’ve committed no foul, sometimes it’s better to just retrace your steps and get the heck out of there.

Your car needs fuel and so do you. But road trips are no time for salads and health food. Gas station coffee, fast food and candy are required to properly gear you up for your drive. Of course, eating on the road requires you to be creative in how you consume, as Dennis and Charlie prove here in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

With a road trip, it’s all about the journey; not the destination. The sights, the tunes, the laughter…these are the things you’ll remember when your trip is done, so don’t stress out about when you’ll get there. It’ll happen, and think about how relaxed you’d be when you arrive if you could stretch out in the roomy mini-van of Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy!

Road trips are not meant to be taken alone, and it’s a scientific fact that if two people start off on a road trip as strangers, they will end up the best of friends by the end of the journey (actual science may vary). The key to making this happen is to open up to your travel buddy, as Arrested Development’s Michael Bluth attempts to do here in the Bluth family Mercedes coupe.

Finally, don’t feel limited by roads. The pioneering spirit is part of what made this country great. As Marge Simpson discovers while using the awesome power of her Canyonero, nature is just a venue where a road trip hasn’t happened yet.

What’s your favorite cool car on TV? Leave it in the comments before you head out on a road trip of your own!