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Hulu Plus: On Demand on the Couch

July 14th, 2010 by Rob Wong VP of Product

Take one big screen TV, hook up a Sony PlayStation 3, add a comfy couch and what do you get? My preferred way to enjoy Hulu Plus. The $9.99 Hulu Plus subscription service brings a ton of premium current season and library content to four screens, with the TV being my screen of choice. I’m pleased to announce that today we are releasing a Hulu Plus application for the PlayStation 3. Now Hulu Plus subscribers with PlayStation Plus accounts can access hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of entertainment, streaming on demand in HD right to your TV.

During the limited preview of Hulu Plus, the application can be downloaded by PlayStation Plus subscribers. Once Hulu Plus becomes generally available, all PS3 users in the United States will be able to download the application.

American Dad on the PS3

You can learn more about all the benefits of Hulu Plus here, and request an invite to the limited Preview here. We’re working to rapidly scale the service and will be sending out additional invites over the next several weeks. Happy watching!

Rob Wong ()
Director, Product

Last comment: Sep 7th 2010 13 Comments
  • Josh says:

    I will be canceling my cable service once this becomes availible. I wont need anything else between netflix, hulu.com, and my high speed broadband Internet connection.

  • Emily Wolkowicz says:

    With hulu plus, how soon will new episodes be available? Do we still have to wait until the day after new episodes are aired?

  • Becky says:

    I’ve been waiting over a month. I haven’t heard anything from anybody who’s gotten an invite. I don’t think they’re actually sending any out. Which is annoying as hell…

  • Ernest C Clark says:

    I have been waiting a couple of weeks now for my invite. I would be ecstatic to fork over my 10bucks a month. For me it means finally having decent on demand video on my iPhone. So I guess I am asking what’s the hold up. I mean I’ve 10 bucks. Let’s go already.

  • Jeffrey H says:

    I waited for three weeks and got an invite. Maybe they look for people with the most use for the trail version. For example, I have PS3, iPad, and iPhone. I’ve been using the iPad mostly and must say that this app is awesome. The videos are great quality and I can finally watch all of my tv shows. Can’t wait until this is available without having a ps3 plus account.

  • Thorin Linderholm says:

    whoopee, now ps3 owners can pay a monthly fee in order to play hulu on their ps3? Gee, isn’t that super? It’s nice to know you guys took away ps3 support for a good reason: ie, so you could make more money by charging to give it back.

  • Steve says:

    I waited for quite a while too; I had requested one normally through the website, and when the app appeared in the Playstation store I installed it and requested one with the referral code therein. I just got invited a couple nights ago with that second account (I deleted the first one since).

    I know people are anxious, but there’s a reason for having a slow rollout like this. It gives them an opportunity to fix any problems as they come up, before they’re a problem for a large number of people. If you’ve only got 100 subscribers (random number) it’s easier to appease those people with calming words about a fix for a discovered problem than it is if you’ve got 1000 or 10000. And as things are getting fixed and the service more robust, more can be added to increase diversity of testers. Not much solace I’m sure, but from the couple bug reports I’ve filed and the replies I’ve got, Hulu is working very hard to make this work well and for everyone.

  • Just got my invite in my email box today. Signing up now. My PS3 just got some added value. Keep up the great work Hulu.

  • Robert Floyd says:

    Has anyone actually received an invitation to join the Hulu Plus pilot? I sent my request in on June 29 and, apart for the acknowledgement, I’ve heard nothing else, nor have I seen anything online from anyone who’s actually watching Hulu Plus. I’m looking forward to plunking down my $9.99/month; when will I get the chance?

  • Mike says:

    Does this mean your woking out a deal with boxee?

  • Gustavo Carvalho says:

    And what about the rest of the world? I would sign this up in the blink of an eye, in Portugal.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Please send me an invite. This would make me look like a superhero to my wife. Thanks, love hulu.

  • Sean says:

    I have been waiting 3 weeks for a invite. are you guys rolling these out or do you not want my $10??