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A Look Back: “Family Guy” Memories

April 30th, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

When the animated comedy Family Guy premiered on Fox in 1999, it’s quite likely no one expected the politically incorrect series to make it all the way to 150 episodes — certainly not the network, which cancelled the show after its third season, only to bring it back after fans clamored for more Peter Griffin (strong DVD sales and syndication deals didn’t hurt, either). But this Sunday, Seth MacFarlane’s rude, crude and sometimes lewd series will reach its 150th episode with an episode that sticks Brian and Stewie in a bank vault. (Let’s hope Brian remembered his martini.) To mark the milestone, here’s a look back at some top Family Guy moments, past and present. — Rebecca Harper (), Hulu Editor for the Yahoo! TV Blog

Lois Feeds Stewie
Pivotal to Family Guy, of course, is the overalls-wearing Stewie, a foul-mouthed infant with a football-shaped head. Though he typically acts wise beyond his years — after all, this is a kid who can operate a crossbow — he often succumbs to the typical weaknesses of a baby. Just see what happens when mom Lois tries to feed him some broccoli.

MacFarlane Does Star Wars
“Family Guy” is rife with pop culture references, from allusions to The Sound of Music and Point Break to celebrity appearances (Chevy Chase, Drew Barrymore). One of our all-time favorites, though, is when the show spoofs the Star Wars franchise.

Stewie’s New Teeth
Every good episode of Family Guy features a host of moments that are totally random. And while they may be only remotely related to the plot, they’re typically brilliant in their own right. Here, Stewie’s first teeth come in — a pivotal piece of this particular episode, because the pain of teething drives the diabolical baby to create his own time machine to skip all the discomfort, but MacFarlane isn’t shy about pausing the development of the storyline to offer a tooth’s perspective on life.

Peter Teaches Meg a Lesson
The Griffin’s patriarch, Peter, may not be a model citizen — his short temper and callous ways ensure that — but he does try to be a good dad. Take, for instance, the time he offers daughter Meg a driving lesson. What follows is an action-filled sequence that is one of the show’s trademarks.

Peter vs. the Chicken
Speaking of action sequences … they typically involve fighting, whether it’s hand-to-hand combat, gunfire, or clubbing. And then there’s the time Peter got a worthless coupon from a chicken, the sort of thing that really grinds his gears. What results is an epic battle by land, by sea, and in the air — ending, or so it seems, outside a cubicle farm inspired by Office Space.

Quagmire Tells Brian Off
In the Family Guy universe, the Griffin’s dog Brian talks, walks on two legs, drinks martinis, and even dates women (humans, not dogs) when he’s not tagging along on adventures with Stewie. That M.O. works just fine for most of the people in Quahog, but the resident ladies’ man, Quagmire, finally decides to tell Brian what he really thinks of him. Uh-oh …

We know this just skims the surface. What’d we miss? Share your favorite Family Guy moments in the comments below!

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