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New in Anime: House of Five Leaves and The Tatami Galaxy

April 27th, 2010 by Betina Chan-Martin Product Manager

We wanted to announce two new exciting anime series coming to Hulu straight from Japan: House of Five Leaves and The Tatami Galaxy. We will be streaming them within 8 hours of their broadcasts in Japan. To give you an idea of what they are, we asked FUNimation writers Scott Porter and Aaron Anderson to introduce them. — Betina Chan-Martin, Guest Editor

House of Five Leaves is a different kind of samurai show. It looks different. It feels different. Sure, the series has a deadly swordsman — Masanosuke Akitsu — in the lead role, but he’s defined more by his quirks than his blade. He’s timid, he’s reluctant, and as the series begins, he’s falling in with a shady character: Yaichi, a member of the Five Leaves gang. They build an odd relationship — the contemplative, meek man of honor working for the dangerous rogue who earns a living one ransom at a time. Each man is more than he seems, and I’m really digging that this series can be described that way, too. — Scott Porter, FUNimation writer

The Tatami Galaxy — a new series from director Masaaki Yuasa (Cat Soup, Mind Game) — is generating a lot of buzz thanks to a theme song courtesy of Asian Kung-Fu Generation and animation by Madhouse. This surrealist take on the triumphs and misadventures of college life is a stunning visual experience that’s perfect for fans who dig their anime just a little outside the norm. The story is based on the novel Yojo-Han Shinwa Shinwa Taikei by Tomihiko Morimi, and the show airs as part of the highly-rated “noitaminA” midnight anime block on Fuji Television. Anything goes in The Tatami Galaxy, so kick back, dim the lights, and get lost in the artistry of series where any screenshot could hang on the wall in your favorite museum of modern art. — Aaron Anderson, FUNimation writer

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  • David Basino says:

    1) The ads are SOMETIMES very LOUD now compared to the TV show—

    2) Every time I go to LATEST TV — Over HALF is always ANIME cartoons, I really, truly hate these pathetic cartoons, so seeing them FLOODED on Hulu truly draws me, and many other OLDER people away. Right now I see the latest page of TV shows… 14 of the 20 video on the first page is ANIME cartoons…. PATHETIC!

    Not only do I not like it, consider the people looking at it… they typically have NO money. You guys are wasting tons of bandwidth on anime, believe me… you are losing money Hulu!


  • Erin says:

    the new player is crap, makes the computer freeze.

  • Bruce says:

    Ad audio normalization MUCH WORSE NOW!
    A commercial scared my cat so bad he ran into the other room.
    Please fix this soon.

  • k says:

    turn down the ads PLEASE

  • Kelly says:

    Cool ideas but is that why it’s been so very slow today? Probably would make sense, it’s just been driving me bonkers :P

  • thomas says:

    while you’ve made quite a few improvements ,screen size, buffer,etc.,I personally find the programing arrangement,by date,quite annoying . I spend more time trying to find the shows I enjoy,then actually watcting them.Before ,I could just see what was new,or recent,now I’ve got to get a listing and dates for shows. You had to mess with it didn’t you people. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ,(KISS).

  • chris says:

    New player sucks……high resource usage and unstable…..plus has too many bugs.

    Get rid of the aol guy running hulu..

  • ROLAND says:

    What have you done to HULU. I am experiencing all kinds of problems with videos freezing up, sound and videos out of sync, etc.

  • nick says:

    OK, why fix whats not broke. Now after enjoying HULU for quite some time, i can’t watch the shows I used to on it and it sound like I am not the only one. Please help if you know how to fix this without telling me I need a new computer, because this realy sucks.

  • Michael Boynton says:

    Ad audio normalization MUCH WORSE NOW!
    A commercial scared my cat so bad he ran into the other room.
    Please fix this soon.

  • worst than cbs' player says:

    This new player is awful: constant freezing, sound with no picture, video currently unavailable. I hope this gets resolved soon, especially if you’re going to start charging. I guess it’s back to torrents in that case.

  • Claire says:

    The new player is a pain. I watched several shows on it & after commercials the player would often freeze up, I needed to restart the shows several times, it only remembered my place once, so I ended up watching more than my fair share of commercials. Another issue is when I go to full screen the “hit esc to reduce to normal size” bar sometimes stays on the screen, forcing me to restart the show. It took me much longer to watch my shows than it should have and if this is still an issue when you want us to pay for service I wont pay for it.

  • Dan Klass says:

    Videos played fine in my browser (Safari for Mac) with the old player, but the new player does not work – it loads the ABC logo then sits on a black screen forever. What browsers DOES the new player work on? Did you guys even test this thing?

  • Dan Phillips says:

    Very buggy and slow to load, i was watching the new Fringe after 2nd commercial viewer got stuck on black screen, i had to restart program and it did not remember whare it left off this happened 3 times. and also like last blog the blog was very slow downloading and also im on on a 20Mbps up and down fiber link at my data center. I never had these problems in the past. My ping to Hulu is 41ms from central Florida, just for info.

  • The adaptive bitrate streaming settings does not save. I have to reset it every time I enter Hulu. Also, the cursor doesn’t disappear in full screen mode. Was there any beta testing done on this?

  • Jason says:

    Suddenly today I can’t watch any videos. And this is the only means of informing you that the updates have somehow broken regular functionality. Didn’t you test your new player? Or are you deliberately excluding support of some platforms and browsers? Where can I get technical support?

  • Summer Ledbetter says:

    I agree, I cant watch anything now. Anything I try to watch plays the first advertisement and then sits on a black screen. I never understood why people mess with things are are not broken.

  • Taylor says:

    It doesn’t work after certain commercials. I had to re-load an episode 3 times. It’s less easy to navigate and to give ad input. It looks like it went back five years aesthetically. If it had those changes but still looked like it used to, it’d be better. It feels stunted and blocky.

  • Mike Cohen says:

    Only problem is, it doesn’t work. I cannot watch Lost from this week – it loads the ABC logo then sits on a black screen forever. Also the Hulu Blog is very slow – maybe you should have tested this