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Refresher Course: V 101

March 30th, 2010 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

V invades Hulu this Wednesday with a brand new episode — and after a four month hiatus, you probably need a refresher as to why we’re supposed to be terrified of the arrival of a group of lizard-like aliens who wear the skins of some really, really ridiculously good-looking people in order to win our devotion before doing something truly awful. Don’t freak out. Hulu has got you covered with this out-of-this-world V-cap of the season so far (and it doesn’t take an alien brain to realize that spoilers follow).

In the beginning, 29 spaceships descend upon Earth’s atmosphere and position themselves over the world capitols. Their leader, the radiant Anna (Morena Baccarin), announces that they come in peace and they hope that we can all be friends. Since we Earthlings have seen our share of alien movies, the general public reacts to this news with mixed emotions. Dubbed “The Visitors,” or “Vs” for short, they immediately command the entire world’s attention.

Since the Vs arrived, FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) notices that one terrorist cell registered a surge in activity at a time when others were staring at the spaceships like everyone else. Her attempts to track down the mystery organization always find her a step behind, but there’s a good reason for that: her partner Dale (Alan Tudyk) is a member of the cell comprised of V sleepers sent to Earth decades ago to infiltrate high-level positions throughout the world’s infrastructure. When Dale sets Erica up at what turns out to be a V resistance meeting, Erica kills him (at least she thinks she does), but not before seeing that, underneath that human skin, he is reptilian.

Opportunistic TV journalist Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) scores the ultimate get by becoming the only news guy on the planet with whom Anna will speak … but there’s a catch: He can only cover the Vs in a positive light. Realizing the viewership he’s going to get, he tosses his journalistic ethics out the window, but before long he figures out how to create his own spin on his interviews with the leader to show the Vs that they’re not calling all the shots. Advantage: Decker. But hold on, not so fast: While reporting on the amazing healthcare provided by the Vs, he learns that he has just six months to live, but the Vs could bump him to the top of the long wait list to cure him. Superior lifeforms wouldn’t do a guy a favor and want something in return, would they?

Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) is a normal guy with a great job and a pretty girl who may one day be his wife. He’s also a traitorous V who broke from the sleeper cell years ago to join a resistance organization called The Fifth Column. Their agenda: to stop Anna from committing the atrocities she’s planning to unleash on Earth. The resistance didn’t work so well the first time, so Ryan figured he’d lay low with the humans. But just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in! Oh, and did I mention that his girlfriend is now pregnant?

Ryan joins forces with Erica, Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) — an Iraqi War vet/priest who just doesn’t trust the Vs — and Georgie Sutton (David Richmond-Peck), whose family was killed by the Vs when he learned too much about their ultimate aims. This fierce foursome quickly learn that they can only trust one another, even though members of The Fifth Column are scattered throughout the earth, and even in some high-level positions in Anna’s cabinet. Through some FBI groundwork and some of Ryan’s V know-how, they discover and destroy a lab where the Vs were developing a fatal batch of “flu vaccine” they planned to administer to the world. It went off without a hitch … except for the V guard who tracked Father Jack down and stabbed him.

Like all teenagers, Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) is different and nobody gets him. His FBI mom (Erica) is always busy trying to save the world and telling him to stay away from the spaceships, but what does she know about the V? Especially the hot one, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), who convinces him to be a Peace Ambassador that gets to wear really cool jackets that are actually spy cameras through which the Vs can find out what happens when humans stop being polite and start getting real. Lisa totally wants Ty — but not in the way Ty is hoping — and calls him “the one.” She is also Anna’s daughter who has been tasked in finding “the one” for her mother, but Tyler doesn’t care what that means … he’s just hoping to get to second base.

So, there you have it. The Americans have let the V in, gotten some universal healthcare out of it, and now we wait to see what nefarious agenda they have been waiting to unfurl. Maybe the fleet of spaceships rapidly approaching the Earth has something to do with it. The Fifth Column had better start a membership drive.

Martin Moakler
Content Editor