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March 26th, 2010 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

Jazzing us to the max, Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters this weekend, sending John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke back to the 1980s through the awesome powers of a gnarly hot tub. While we don’t have a time machine here (no doy!), we did find some totally tubular clips from 1986 … year of, like, Hands Across America and Halley’s Comet, fer sher. So mousse up your hair, stop buggin’ and check out these totally boss videos — and no, they’re not on Betamax. — Martin Moakler, Hulu’s Content Editor

Pop Goes the World
Pop music. Fashion. Saturday Night Live. People constantly debate who did it better: The present or the ’80s? This clip shows that the late great Phil Hartman, the younger version of the still hot Sigourney Weaver and timelessly funny comedian Dana Carvey definitely tip the scales in favor of the ’80s.

Do You Really Want to “Skirt” Me?
The ’80s were a simpler time, when we didn’t have to concern ourselves with East Coast-West Coast rivalries, interruptions by Kanye, or whatever Muppet Lady Gaga skinned to make a dress. For pop stars back then it was all about making music and videos … and using their style to help solve crimes in their spare time.

Alien Nation
It seemed that no matter where we went in the ’80s, random aliens were dropping into our lives: Soviet defectors; rugged Aussies; extraterrestrials — everyone wanted a taste of our sweet American dream, and we were only too willing to share, even if they wanted a taste our cat, too.

Eighties Ladies
By the ’80s, lady cops on TV were just as formidable a force as their male counterparts, who had been solving crime since the ’50s. As this clip from “Hunter” demonstrates, a woman’s attempt to intimidate Hunter and DeeDee quickly devolves into a contest to see who has the bigger, um, shoulder pads.

Cool as Vice
What’s that? You’ve enjoyed these clips but so far they haven’t been totally ’80s? How about one that features bad rap by a prominent standup comedian who then watches his bodacious girlfriend get in a workout before it moves on to some ominous synthesizer music and a cheesy music video devoted to the sights of Miami? The only ’80s staple this clip is missing is a keyboard tie.

What do you consider totally 80s? Got a fave 80s TV show? Leave it in the comments!

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