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Interview: Sergio Cilli, infoMania’s White Hot Top Five

March 19th, 2010 by Jocelyn Matsuo Asst Video Editor

I recently sat down for an interview with Sergio Cilli, comedian/producer/music guy of infoMania, or more specifically, Sergio’s White Hot Top 5 (yeah, that Sergio). Fish, fish, got my wish from my previous blog, infoMania-Mania! See kids, don’t give up on your dreams, sometimes they come very close to true. Here’s the most recent Sergio’s White Hot Top 5, followed by the climax of my career as a blogger. — Jocelyn Matsuo, Hulu’s Content Editor

Jocelyn: Tell me about how you started doing your White Hot Top 5:
Current approached me to be a writer/producer for infoMania. I knew they wanted to do something with music, so I pitched this show. I thought it would be funny to do somebody that didn’t like to listen to [pop] music — what would happen if you forced him to listen to it and review it?

Can you describe your process, how you find the lists? And how do you decide the top?
It’s completely sales. A lot of people think that I pick the lists, [but ] I go through iTunes, YouTube, Billboard, Vevo; then I pick what would be the most fun to make fun of, like Black Eyed Peas. I usually am attracted to them, if they have something new that’s on a list, and low-hanging fruit like Ke$ha.

Is that how you say that is Ke$ha [sounding like a British person saying “Fran Drescher”]?
Yeah, I made that mistake the first week. I called her “Keesha” and people wrote in. They’re fact-checkers; I can’t make any mistakes.

What are your top 5 favorite top 5 lists that you’ve done?
The ones that are really memorable to me are the specials we’ve done. [We’ve inserted them in order for easy clicking.]

I really liked that one because I got to do my own Christmas song, making fun of Fred Figglehorn. I don’t know if you know who that is; he’s this 13 year-old kid that is huge on YouTube.

That was just a lot of fun to do.

I did my own version, Adultz Bop, where I did kids’ songs reworked to be adult-themed. It was really tastefully done.

[The next two on Sergio’s list aren’t available on Hulu, so I’ve added my favorites, making it Hulu’s Top 5 Top 5’s.]

My favorite quote from the whole show. “You just got fact in the face.”

What makes you laugh the most?
In general, I think awkward humor, based in reality. Most of the jokes come from taking it as a serious art form. While they’re singing about taking off their clothes and dancing, obviously in reality that doesn’t really play. Guys crying is funny. Awkward breakups can be funny. The funniest things come out of real-life situations.

Did you always want to work in comedy? What did you want to be when you grew up?
My earliest memory was that I wanted to be a roofer (because my dad was in construction.) But as soon as I realized what that was, I changed it immediately to comedy. I always loved making people laugh as a kid. It was my goal. On the way to school, like on the bus, I was like “I’m gonna make one person laugh today on the way to school” and if I did, that I felt like I’d filled my quota for the day (and I usually did that by 8:30) so the rest of the day I could do whatever I wanted.

Check Sergio out every Thursday on InfoMania, from CurrentTV. To see more of Sergio check out his sketch comedy team, Cream on YouTube. And catch the latest episode of infoMania here.

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