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The Wisdom of Jack Donaghy

March 3rd, 2010 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

“Rich 50 is middle class 38.” “Never follow a hippie to a second location.” “Those shoes are definitely bi-curious.” These are but three examples of the sage wisdom Jack Donaghy offers his mentee Liz Lemon each week on 30 Rock. While Liz doesn’t always heed Jack’s advice, there is plenty of useful business knowledge that we, the viewers all the way from the People’s Gaypublic of Drugafornia to the shores of America’s Australia, would be fools to ignore. So, in honor of Alec Baldwin’s appearance as a guest judge on the premiere of The Marriage Ref on NBC this week, we’ve compiled some clips that highlight the business acumen of everyone’s favorite Sheinhardt Universal executive. — Martin Moakler, Hulu Content Editor, for the Yahoo! TV Blog

In the modern workplace a certain degree of familiarity is to be tolerated. One could even say it boosts synergy within the office, even though your employees may downplay this idea. But when in the presence of other executives, your underlings should treat you with the respect you’ve earned … and they should never badmouth synergy.

Whether it’s over an employee’s contract or just getting one of your actresses to come out from her locked dressing room, negotiations keep the mind sharp. And with that sharp mind you can better match wits with a certain high-ranking liberal politician with whom you may or may not be having a relationship.

While being a mentor is the clearest way to ensure that your corporate legacy lives on, it is paramount to remember that you are not molding the young executive in your image. Rather, you’re guiding him into becoming the best version of himself. Also, don’t get him involved in your daddy issues.

Smart business extends beyond the boardroom to the family. A good businessman (or “businesswoman,” if that were a word) has a strategy for any possible scenario one might encounter in dealing with one’s forebears. A better businessman has the scenario on PowerPoint.

Finally, never give up on your staff. After all, the work they do is a reflection of your leadership and inspiration. An effective boss can uncover the potential in anyone, from a junior executive who hasn’t quite found his path to a TV producer who has the boldness of a much younger woman.

As it’s almost six, it’s time to go change into a tuxedo, but what are your favorite Jack Donaghy quotes?

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  • Nash, I’ll contact you via email – basically, we’ll look into the issue with your state (that’s our bad); we’ll need correct your birthdate manually. Check for my email or send the correct date to feedback@hulu.com.

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