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Just an “Other” Pretty Face?

February 16th, 2010 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

This month, Lost returned for its final season, prompting its legions of fans to realize that we are that much closer to something we’ve been demanding for the past five and a half years: Answers! Are they ever going to get back home? Will Kate end up with Jack or Sawyer? Why does that “Other” look so familiar? For most of the questions, you just have to watch the remainder of the season like the rest of us. For that last question, however, we’ve put together a list of characters you may have recognized from other shows. — Martin Moakler, Hulu Content Editor

Sonya Walger
Sonya plays poor little rich girl Penelope Widmore, who became the master of her own fate and spared no expense in searching the world for her lost love, Desmond. For Sonya Walger’s character Dr. Olivia Benford in her latest show FlashForward, fate seems to be working against her, as the flash of her future portends the doom of her marriage, which she shares with her onscreen husband (Joseph Fiennes) in the following clip.

Nestor Carbonell
Unlike Penelope, Other/Hostile Richard Alpert seems quite content to stay in one place: the island; but just how long has he been there and why hasn’t he aged a day? We remember Nestor from his roles on Suddenly Susan and as Gotham City Mayor Anthony Garcia in The Dark Knight, but check out his work in the cult show The Tick as superhero-in-his-own-mind Batmanuel (and think to yourself, why hasn’t Nestor himself aged a day?)

Henry Ian Cusick
Henry’s Desmond has been plagued by flashes of the future, not to mention time shifts and having to enter a computer code every 108 minutes or the WORLD WILL END! He handles all of this with a genial Scottish aplomb. But through Henry’s work as Miles Longmuir on the Glaswegian sitcom The Book Group, sometimes the inevitabilities of a marriage can be scarier than being forced to live in the hatch.

Julie Bowen
Julie’s Sarah Shephard gets paralyzed in a car accident, then left by her fiancé but miraculously cured by Jack, whom she later married, only to break his heart and leave him. Nowadays, Julie, a veteran of popular shows Ed and Boston Legal, plays housewife Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, where life proves far less dramatic than the Lost world, resulting in Claire and her husband turning to a little role play to spice things up.

Cynthia Watros
Cynthia plays former mental patient Libby who found love with Hurley, who had done time at the same hospital as she. But this wasn’t Cynthia’s only time acting against characters with mental issues, having played against the intense rage that is Christopher Titus on Titus or in this clip from Raines, in which the death of her husband has to be solved by her ex-husband (Jeff Goldblum) … who thinks he sees dead people.

Have a favorite show that features a Lost character? Happen to catch the Smoke Monster in an episode of Rescue Me? Leave it in the comments!