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Hu-Listic: School of Hard Knocks

February 12th, 2010 by Jocelyn Matsuo Asst Video Editor

Each week, Hulu’s Video Editor, Jocelyn Matsuo, brings to light hidden gems from the Hulu library.

Hulu recently launched its NFL section. I have allowed myself to be swept up in the hubbub. Now I can impress my uncle with my newfound knowledge of football history, or search for a specific team. Basically, Hulu is the closest thing I have to a Bookie. Most appropriate for a novice viewer like myself is the HBO series Hard Knocks. Good: Follow your favorite teams through their training camp. Better: Listen to the narrators who study these athletes like the vicious carnivores of the Serengeti (as seen on National Geographic Channel’s Wild).

Check out this clip of rookie RB Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys:

Jocelyn Matsuo
Content Editor

Last comment: Feb 19th 2010 1 Comment
  • Gene says:

    Hulu is a great concept and I’m sure many users/viewers are added to an already large viewer base. Which brings me to a question. Why after sitting through commercial interruption do we often end up abandoning a moving we really looked forward to watching because it froze! I have been a Hulu fan for almost a year now and I’m about to quit. I think you can do better, and if not I would love to hear why? And no, it has not been due to tech problems on my end…I am a tech! Your player, or your data is often corrupted. Please do something about this problem. It has gone on since I became a patron nearly a year. I have rarely been able to pull up a movie and watch it without it sticking, stopping, and often never starting again.