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And the winners are…

February 10th, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Your votes are in and have been tallied, so now we can officially announce the winners of our 2010 AdZone faceoff. In the end, five videos stood out among all the rest. We’ve listed the most-liked videos among all our voters below, but you can visit our AdZone to see who got top honors among men and women by age and by state. In order of most “liked” votes, the winners are:

1. Doritos: House Rules
This one had all the makings of a successful Super Bowl campaign: a cute, sassy little kid and a healthy dose of slapstick humor. Jaylen’s mom may have asked him to play nice with her date, but Jaylen is all business when he lays down two ground rules for Kyle: “Keep your hands off my momma; keep your hands off my Doritos.”

2. Mars’ Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry
We’d heard that Snickers had a top-secret ad in the works, but we had no idea it’d feature the one and only Betty White (who, by the way, has over 142,000 Facebook users clamoring for her to host “SNL”). This one is clever, funny and totally unexpected. And hats off for sneaking in an Abe Vigoda cameo at the end.

3. E*Trade: Girlfriend
The E*Trade babies are old hat when it comes to the Super Bowl, but this year’s campaign was inspired. Like you, we busted up at the li’l trader’s wolf call … and then that “milka-what?” at the end? Genius.

4. Google: Search On
Amid all the slapstick, the men without pants, and the big-name celebrities, Google’s ad went for a more simplistic approach, a natural fit for the company’s aesthetic. Given the response by our users (who have seen similar Google campaigns before, though this was the company’s first TV spot), it was the Super Bowl ad with the most emotional impact, telling the story of falling in love with a little help from the search engine.

5. Doritos: Underdog
This time, Doritos turns the idea of “a man and his dog” on its head and puts the dog in control. With a little help from a shock collar, Fido gets the whole bag of Doritos to himself. Good boy.

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