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New in Anime: Kekkaishi

January 18th, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Today, Candice Uyloan from VIZ Media introduces an anime series that’s new to Hulu.

Ketsu! Metsu! Prepare for Kekkaishi! One of the most beloved recent anime series in Japan, Kekkaishi is now on Hulu. If you haven’t yet discovered the story of Yoshimori and Tokine — barrier masters extraordinaire — you’re in for a real treat.

By day, Yoshimori and Tokine are students. But at night, when the demons come out to play, they are kekkaishi, butt-kicking demon-hunters that specialize in creating barriers around their prey. That’s not to say that they don’t have loftier goals, of course. In fact, Yoshimori dreams of becoming a skilled pastry chef and baking a massive cake castle … one so big that he could live in it.

Even though Yoshimori and Tokine both fight demons to keep their neighborhood safe, they are also competing kekkaishi. Their families share a rocky history that has yet to be resolved: for years, they have quibbled over which lineage is the true master of the magical barrier arts. That doesn’t stop Yoshimori and Tokine from sharing a special bond, however. Together with their demon dogs, they are ready to face down supernatural baddies on Hulu … starting NOW!

Candice Uyloan
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