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Hulu (Was) Down

January 15th, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Update: We’re back up and running. Thanks for sticking around.

We’re currently experiencing some network problems here at Hulu, so many of you are currently unable to access videos. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible so you can catch up on your Thursday night shows and watch the latest developments in the late night talk show wars. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Sandy Marks says:

    Hulu is stil down…bummer.

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    […]Hulu (Was) Down « Hulu Blog[…]…

  • Wipri says:

    7:52pm here and it is not up and running via Playstation 3.
    Seems like every time we try to watch it it is down. Sometimes because of Hulu sometimes because of Playstation. Sorry not worth it. Canceling now.

  • Are you kidding? Hells yes you are, this should be re-posted. with your permission, I will make that happen.

  • sara colt says:

    January 28th 2011

    I guess it is safe to assume Hulu is still experiencing issues. The site will not allow me to sign in nor can I access any videos when I try to watch anonymously. I cleared my cache and restarted my browser yet to no avail.

    Also, I am not sure if a problem I have been encountering, starting around the date of January 18th, was part of Hulu’s original problem or if I’m just experiencing a weird mouse over issue. The problem is: multiple tabs seem to open by themselves and are always for pages which lead to different sites Hulu supports. i.e. The Banyan Tree Project. However, at least twice some tabs contained a video which was next to play during the autoplay feature. The video will start by itself. It’s annoying to say the least to have different sets of audio files playing simultaneously .

    I hope this gets fixed soon. (not being able to sign in, watch videos and the multiple tab issue)

  • ihatehulu says:

    i will never pay for hulu. ever. i think i will stop watching TV and pick up painting or guitar instead. maybe kickboxing…

  • linda k says:

    This could have been accepted- I don’t know since my name and details were left on the screen but the comment erased. So again, Can I get the whole channel’s offerings through HULU to say Free Speech TV or Linktv , Cspan, MSNBC or the Documentary Channel, or only selected Shows?

    Do you stream complete Bill Maher Real Time, or Jon Stewart , or just clips? Please answer-

  • linda k says:

    I can’t seem to get an answer from you site– Can I get the whole Bill Maher show through Hulu or not? The same goes for all the fare on Free Speech TV and LinkTV, or do you just go by individual shows? What about theDocumentary Channel, MSNBC Ed schultz, RAchel mADDOW— clips only or the whole show?

  • Audreyanna says:

    This sucks. I download the newest version of flash player, check my cache to be sure it’s clear, get an account, all in the name of watching shows on hulu. No luck there, I just get that infamous message about MY internet connection, which is OBVIOUSLY fine. Way to go hulu. Time to tweet.

  • Cyndi says:

    We’re not ALL up again, Hulu Techs. I get nothing when I try to load a show. I have the newest Flash player.

  • Alicia says:

    What is up with the commercials being 3 + times LOUDER than the show???? TV makes the commercials so loud that I can’t watch tv without having the remote handy to mute the commericlals. Now HULU is doing the same thing. If the commercials were played at the same volumne I would watch them but the sudden overwhelming loudness turns me off and I start really resenting the commercials. Please put the sound back to the same level as the show.

  • William Kidd says:

    Is HULU down? My computer is running fine and I can visit any other site, but I haven’t been able to play any HULU videos in over an hour.

  • Rebecca Jill says:

    Well, I can’t watch Hulu now, anyway, since y’all upgraded to the newest Flash Player, which I can’t watch due to my OS, but I can’t update my OS without getting a new computer, which is not feasible right now. It would help if y’all had an old Flash Player system to watch, as well, but y’all don’t. Thanks so much Hulu. You’ve alienated at least one person already.