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Hu-Listic: infoMania-Mania

January 12th, 2010 by Jocelyn Matsuo Asst Video Editor

Each week, Hulu’s video editor, Jocelyn Matsuo, shares her latest finds from the Hulu vault.

Back in September, I blogged about Current TV as an entire network, but I realize now Current TV’s infoMania didn’t get a fair shake. Infomania is a media review after my own heart. Check out their show description:

“So much info, so little time. Chewing up the week’s media so we can regurgitate it, half-digested, into your mouth. Tasty, filling and enlightening…”

What are you getting from mama bird? The meat, the funny meat, dredged in an appropriate amount of metaphor (unlike yours truly) and fried in “snark.” Result? Wonderful morsels that will delight you and your coworkers for weeks to come. Check out full episodes or clips like Sarah Haskins’ segment, Target Women (by the way, Sarah, if you’re reading this, I would love, love, love to interview you — you’re my hero):

Or her commentary on another show you can find on Hulu, Snapped:

Jocelyn Matsuo
Video Editor

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  • Mon says:

    Lannie It would seem that online video is on fire now. Hulu is qclukiy coming up on YouTube for eyeball time. Even tonight my wife and I watched the entire Arkansas/Georgia football game on ESPN360.com. We also watched Tiger Woods’ last two rounds at the PGA Championship live on my iPhone. One of the next big questions to be answered will be how television content and the Internet finally get married. A) Fundamental TV revenue is going to die. As more and more advertisers get used to the Internet advertising model with it’s inherent accountability they will start asking some serious questions about TV advertising. Basically TV is a non-interactive display ad and who on earth is paying a premium for those these days?B) Internet TV will need to become something other than an alternative distribution channel. The first steps in this were taken because both computers and televisions use screens for distribution. But the Internet is going to add so much more. Granted I don’t have the imagination or vision to know what on earth that is at a market level. Enjoy your blog thanks. Wilson K.

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