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D’oh: Favorite “Simpsons” Moments

January 10th, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Tonight, The Simpsons will mark its 20th anniversary with a 450th episode (Krusty will fall in love with a princess, voiced by Anne Hathaway), as well as a one-hour anniversary special directed by Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. (We’ll stream the special starting Monday morning.) While Spurlock crossed the country interviewing fans of the groundbreaking animated series, the Hulu team pulled together some of our favorite clips from 20 years of “D’oh!” Here’s closer a look at a few of them. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor

Homer Sells His Soul

In this season five Treehouse of Horror bit, Homer’s do-good-ley neighbor Ned Flanders becomes Satan, and he has the perfect plan to acquire the Simpson patriarch’s soul: with a donut. But Homer can’t resist a last bite, and he’s sent to the underworld so we can discover just what goes into hot dogs. There’s good news for Homer, though. He gets all the donuts in the world.

Moe Takes a Test

When Montgomery Burns is shot (Maggie did it!), the cops bring Moe the bartender in for a lie detector test. While he’s honest about his innocence, the machine does lead Moe to reveal that some secrets are better left unsaid.

Lisa Causes Pigs to Fly
“A toast to the host who can boast the most roast.” When Homer hosts a backyard barbecue, vegetarian Lisa shows what it takes to make pigs fly. It’s just a little airborne, but it’s still good!

Homer Hits the Gym
Every so often, the perpetually plump Homer tries to lose weight. Here, he hits the gym to gain some muscle mass and teach us what to do if we really want to feel our workout in the morning. (Of course, we don’t recommend this at home.) Fortunately, Homer gets some tips from Rainier Wolfcastle, Springfield’s own bodybuilder with an accent curiously similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

Homer Stocks Up for Independence Day

Looking to stock up on illegal fireworks like the M-320 (“celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it”), Homer heads to a convenience store. Since he doesn’t want to draw suspicion, though, he ends up buying all the things that most shoppers would feel uncomfortable asking for by name.

Homer’s Heart Takes a Licking
Homer’s boss at the nuclear power plant, Montgomery Burns, doesn’t miss a thing thanks to a surveillance system. So when he catches Homer slacking off on the job, Mr. Burns calls him into his office so we can find out what makes Homer tick.

Bart and Milhouse Go on a Bender
The local Kwik-E-Mart is aghast when Bart and his pal Milhouse order a Super Squishy made entirely out of syrup: Such a thing has never been done, after all. After slurping down their drink — which was so thick with sugar, their straw broke — the guys embark on a tour of Springfield that’s full of the pop culture references that made The Simpsons a fan favorite. Granted, all that high fructose corn syrup will do strange things to a boy, as Bart realizes when Lisa wakes him up the next morning.

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