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Shape Up with Body by Jake

January 1st, 2010 by Rebecca Harper Editor

To kick off 2010, the Hulu team asked Jake Steinfeld (you might know him best from his “Body by Jake” line of fitness equipment) to offer some tips for getting back in shape now that the holidays are over. His answer: the Rock Hard Body by Jake series, which is now available on Hulu, so you can squeeze in some exercise anytime you’re near your computer. Jake’s shared some of his favorite routines from the series below. — Rebecca Harper (rebecca.harper@hulu.com), Editor

Hey gang!

I’m Jake Steinfeld, founder of ExerciseTV and creator of the Rock Hard Body By Jake series. We produced these workouts to help you take YOUR fitness to the next level. With longer, tougher strength exercises, you’ll maximize your workouts, torch fat and smash calories, creating that lean muscle I know you’re looking for.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Challenge yourself! Try Body by Jake trainer Steve Maresca’s Rock Hard Body by Jake: Abs and watch yourself change. You’ll learn some of the best muscle-building ab exercises to bust your love handles and define your six-pack abs.

If you’re ready for a full body challenge, try Rock Hard Body by Jake: Xtreme for a workout that taxes all of the major muscle groups at once, increasing your strength and transforming your body.

You can watch yourself change without expensive weight training equipment. Success comes to those who not only see opportunities but take action on them. Just try any workout in the Rock Hard Body by Jake series on Hulu and be the change you want to see!

And last but not least, whether it’s your workout or your life that’s tough, DONT QUIT on you!


As always, please consult with your physician before you start any new fitness routine.

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