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Interview with Bridget Regan, “Legend of the Seeker”

November 16th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Fans of Legend of the Seeker know her as Kahlan the Confessor, a powerful woman who can make anyone she touches tell the truth — but in exchange, they lose their free will and are compelled to obey her for as long as they live. And while the fantasy action series has been Bridget Regan’s breakout role, the 27-year-old actress has appeared in everything from The Black Donnellys to last year’s Sex and the City movie. (Regan played a hostess.)

We recently spoke to Regan when she was visiting New York to promote the Season 2 premiere of Legend of the Seeker. She’d flown in all the way from New Zealand, where she’d just finished shooting episode 10, and she was kind enough to speak to us about her co-star — “He does have abs of steel, that Craig Horner” — and their relationship, but the actress also told us about a brief encounter she had with a Hulu fan: “During the hiatus, I was in New York and this guy stopped me to say, ‘You’re the chick in the water on Hulu,'” she said. “I guess there was some picture of me smiling in the water on your home page. It was so cool, I was like ‘Yeah, that’s me! I’m the chick in the water on Hulu, sure!'” Keep reading to see what else Regan shared with the Hulu team. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor

Hulu: Before Legend of the Seeker, you were on a lot of dramas: The Black Donnellys, Six Degrees, New Amsterdam … What drew you to this fantasy role, which must have been a bit of a departure?
Bridget Regan:
Oh, it was totally a departure. I actually knew nothing about fantasy. I hadn’t seen Lord of the Rings, and I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I just really liked the part. I liked Kahlan. I liked who she was, and I liked that it was really different than anything I had ever done. I liked that she was really tough and a total badass, but that she was really feminine and cared, was really passionate about what she did and what she was fighting for. I loved it. I liked that it also wasn’t casual. I grew up doing theater — I went to drama school — and there’s something really theatrical about this show. It’s heightened, and not “oh, let’s just play it casual, whatever…” sort of acting. It’s heightened and high stakes and life and death. I love it.

What’s it like playing such a strong female role? I can’t think of many others like yours on TV right now.
No, there aren’t! And that’s why I love it so much. I would audition for roles, and casting directors would be like “Oh, we love her, but she reads just a bit too mature.” It was like I couldn’t find my place often — I mean, I got lucky and got to do all the great New York shows, some pilots in L.A., some movies here and there, and a Broadway show. But I never found a part that embraced that side of me. You know, I’m not a teeny-tiny little thing. I’m 5-9; you can’t push me over — I’m solid. [Laughs] So I needed a character to play that was like that. You know, Kahlan’s tough. She’s really, really tough, and I love it because it’s empowering to play. I get to let off steam beating up grown men every other day.

The books obviously have a cult following, and a lot of them feel pretty passionately about the show. Were you taken aback by all the attention?
I mean, I knew of that section in the bookstore where the paperbacks lived — I’d passed by it, but I’d never really gone into that aisle and looked at them. I really had no idea what I was in for. I kind of surprised myself by how much I loved the books. I tore through Wizard’s First Rule and I’ve probably read it a dozen times now, because I always go back and re-read it to remind myself who she is and how I fell in love with her. I fell in love with her in that book. You know, there was no script when I auditioned, there were just the books. Craig and I auditioned with scenes pulled verbatim, dialogue from the books. I was a bit scared going into it — “Oh gosh, what am I in for, what am I doing?” — but it was kind of a good scary. It was scary and exciting, and I thought I should do this, take the plunge. It’s actually turned out to be really, really cool, and I’m proud that I did it, because it wasn’t an easy decision to pack up my life and move.

Speaking of which, how is life in New Zealand?
It’s pretty super. It’s so different than New York — I mean, I live in a house with a yard, where I lived in an apartment the size of my closet. It was one room, and it was above a pizza place on 14th and 7th in Manhattan. You walk outside, and you’re smacked in the face with New York City. There are no trees! And now I live in this lush landscape. I’m kind of like the odd man out. There are Americans there, and there’s diversity in New Zealand, but it’s certainly not like New York, where it’s such a melting pot.

Kahlan (Bridget Regan) and Richard (Craig Horner)

Can you bring us up to speed with the show? Last time we saw Richard and Kahlan, they defeated Darken Rahl. What’s happening with the Season 2 premiere?
It’s kind of funny, I think we were all expecting a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, and it felt like we won. We did it, and now we’re patting each other on the back. We’re celebrating for about two minutes when we’re totally attacked by this creature which is known as a “screeling.” We learn that these are from the underworld, which is kind of like hell. We learn that when we killed Darken Rahl, because he’s this powerful, magical force and Richard used all these forms of magic to kill him, it actually caused this sort of explosion and the earth opened up. Now there’s this crack that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead. These crazy creatures are coming out to get us, and then we learn it’s not just these creatures — people are actually coming back from the dead, so it’s a bit like we don’t know what to expect. We don’t know what we’re dealing with. The Keeper is out to get us. That’s where we start Season 2. Our goal is to find this tiny little Stone of Tears, which is going to help us seal the rift in the underworld. So that’s the journey in Season 2, to find this stone.

The show is full of lots of action. Do you do a lot of your own stunts?
I do nearly everything! Sometimes they won’t let me jump off a horse or roll down a hill because they’re scared I’m going to break something, but I do all my fights. My stuntwoman, Dayna Chiplin, she choreographs them now, which is great because she wears the dress and she knows what it’s like to move in that thing. We have a ball together, I absolutely adore her. [During fight scenes], they shoot facing me and sometimes from behind, but they also shoot Dayna when they cover the “baddies” as they call them. When you see the back of me, odds are it’s Dayna.

Have you had any mishaps on the set?
Oh, there are so many mishaps. I went to the emergency room last year when I accidentally punched a shield during a fight. Everybody thought I broke my finger, but I kept going “It’s fine, it’s fine, let’s keep going, let’s shoot.” But they said, “Nope, you’re going to the emergency room.” And I was right! It wasn’t broken; they were just being wussy with me.

And what’s it like working with your co-star, Craig Horner, who plays Richard?
I adore working with Craig. We got so lucky that we like each other as much as we do, and that we have a connection. We don’t have to work at the connection between Richard and Kahlan. It’s just kind of there. When I look at him, the ground comes in underneath me, and I just feel “Yup, he’s Richard and yup, I’m Kahlan.” You just kind of play like you’re little kids in the background and you believe. I think you kind of need that sort of thing in a fantasy show. You kind of need that playful, childlike attitude towards it. He’s totally got that — he’s such a little kid at heart. And he’s the best movie quoter I’ve ever known. He’s so good. You give him any movie, and he could just go verbatim on and on and on. Get him to do Fight Club or Home Alone — he loves Home Alone.

The onscreen chemistry between you and Craig has caused a lot of people to wonder whether you’re dating. Can you define your relationship for us?
Craig and I are very close. We’re very good friends, and we’ve had a wonderful relationship over the year and half, but it’s just been that.

I just had to ask… On that note, thanks for talking to us, Bridget, and I hope we get to do it again soon.
And thanks for supporting us on Hulu, we love it!

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  • Hey Richard,

    I’ll definitely pass your request along, but I can’t guarantee we will acquire the rights to Season 3! Thanks for the post.

    Joe B.
    Hulu Support

  • Richard Okoroafor says:

    It would be wow to see a season 3 on this series “Legend Of the seeker”.Beyond doubt,its mesmerizing actions and story lines has left more hunger in the minds of fans.I personally root to see them back onset(i.e all vital casts).Big ups to them

  • Wisher says:

    I- I honestly believe the third season will be made… I have a date, but m not SURE if its correct, the date I found was November 1, 2013. I need this show. I’ll die without it. Me and the other fans want Richard, Kahlan and Zedd back. I need it… WE need it. For the fans. May The Spirits Forever Light Your Way, For our sake, the show WILL be back, very soon.

  • Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was searching for! “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.” by Dr. Seuss. cheap isabel marant

  • Wow i wonder how or what promted this movie into existance but to b sincere both craig and his wife bridget have won a place in my heart,due to this i will love to aid there movie growth

  • Robert Schuh says:

    fans of legend of the seeker write to ABC studios & Disney so they can get legend of the seeker to a season 3 or even more.to the people who love the books of Terry Goodkind they & Terry should also know that in a TV show that it will probably not follow the books exactly but will probably stray from the books but what fun would it be if you already read the books & know whats going to happen on the show.I read some of the books I like them but I also really like it when they stray away sometimes from the books even though the people who read the books will be mad but on the other hand it makes a lot of fans happy when it is not completely following the books so I hope that the fans of the books will watch the show more they may actually after a while come to like the show even better later on.I think the show is superb with Craig Horner as the seeker & Bridget Regan are superb in the show as well as Bruce Spence & the person who plays Cara. please both fans of the show & the people who love the books help legend of the seeker get to a 3rd season & maybe even more season it has great family values & shows true love between 2 people & the power of love & that in the show they care more about others than themselves it teaches us lessons we forget are selves at times.they show is superb it is what I look forward the most to see the show every time it is on I love every actor & actress on the show like I said it is a superb show for kids & grownups. ABC & Disney please pick up legend of the seeker for a 3rd & maybe more seasons & if ABC & Disney don’t pick up the show some other place like CW should pick it up if they let it go but the show is valuable I believe ABC & Disney should continue with the show legend of the seeker sometimes some shows don’t get enough time & just haven’t been run across by some people so ABC & Disney should let run longer & fans of legend of the seeker should also tell other people about the show legend of the seeker so it gets more familiar on TV which there are already a lot of fans of the show legend of the seeker. I really hope this letter is helpful I am not good at picking words so I hope it doesn’t come across as bad because I believe the show is capable of going to a 3rd & even more seasons with Bridget Regan & Craig Horner who are superb in the show as well as every other actors & actress in the show. so fans please help legend of the seeker get to a 3rd & even more seasons plus please fans of the books please also help the show continue to a 3rd 4th 5th & maybe more seasons write to ABC Disney so they pick the show up & have it continue to a 3rd & maybe more seasons.

  • Robert Schuh says:

    I think in legend of the seeker with Craig Horner as the seeker & Bridget Regan they are superb together. I also think they should have more than just the 2nd & 3rd season & even more seasons. they should make it so Richard is immune to Kahlens power so they can be together or by some other way so they can be together & have children without Richard getting hurt by Kahlen’s power as a confessor. I think they should do it because they deserve it even if it by some ancient way so they can be together. Bridget Regan is a superb actress for her role as Kahlen & so is Craig Horner as Richard who is the seeker. so I am hoping others out there can help so they the writers & producers of legend of the seeker will make it so Kahlen & Richard can have sex to have children. Bruce Spence is a superb actor also just like Bridget & Craig Horner

  • Robert Schuh says:

    Bridget Regan is superb as well as Craig Horner they together show great respect for 1 & another as well as their love for each other plus both are superb role models for people.with Bridget Regan as the confessor & Craig Horner as the seeker it shows great love compassion forgiveness for each other as well as good family values & how they help so many people & think more of other people before their own needs which is good family values which is helpful for all people to remember.

  • Robert Schuh says:

    I cant think of anyone better than Craig horner to play the role the seeker in legend of the seeker & cant think anyone better that Bridget as Kahlan they are all superb they are such a great pair of lovers & their love extends beyond anything. Make sure ABC Terry Goodkind Disney don’t replace either Craig Horner as the seeker or even Bridget Regan they have great chemistry show good morals show how they love each even though they can’t be together. They also do so superb together as a pair of people who love each other as their roles as Richard & Kahlen. I also hope they find a way for them to be together. So help keep both Craig Horner as the seeker without being replaced & keeping Bridget Regan as the seeker without being replaced. the show would do bad without those 2 Craig Horner & Bridget Regan. So tell Terry Goodkind the guy who wrote the book & ABC & Disney as well as Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert. To keep Craig Horner as the seeker & Bridget Regan as the confessor. The show is superb with those 2 including Bruce Spence as zed. so help keep them on the show without being replaced.

  • liz says:

    I’ve read the books, I absolutely love them, and I have to say, Criag and Bridget are doing a pretty fair job at portraying the roles. They have great chemistry on camera and the actors themselves just seem really down to earth and cool. Yes, the series isn’t exactly like the books, but I wasn’t really expecting them to be, TV always changes books. Thanks to Hulu for posting the episodes!! (although, I have to say, I wish they were on a little bit quicker :] ) ” Nevertheless, overall, it’s a good show, and I look forward to future seasons as I hope there will be! :]

  • dwp says:

    I’d read the entire series and heard about a possible TV series. I think they’re doing a pretty decent job with the broadcast iteration of these tales, honestly.

    Of course it won’t be just like the books, but it’s every bit as good a translation from print to live-action as Abrams did with the Star Trek IP, bringing it fresh to a new audience yet with all the characters we loved last millennium. And they explained it away perfectly on the bridge, with Uhura stating it plainly “…an alternate reality.”

    I don’t know that I’d like to see LotS go the full 12 seasons, one for each book/primary quest, but I’d be pleased to see it run 7-9 and cover the range of development that R & K went through, and I think it was very well cast. Best wishes.

  • Nathan says:

    I appreciated this interview as well, and the sentiments of my fellow fans. I’ve not read the books either, but highly enjoy the genre, and this show has made me plan on buying the books it is based on.
    LOVE the casting, and action, and now with the addition of Cara, the tension and drama brought into the storyline. Having 2 gorgeous, strong warrior women watching your back, sounds like Hercules and Xena combined, only more serious and dramatic rather than campy as they eventually favored.

  • Sylvan says:

    I really enjoy this show. LotS has maintained the spirit of the novels. Thank you Hulu for carrying the episodes.

  • Khan says:

    I absolutely love this show, and I’m glad they got Regan to do this interview. Her attitude towards doing it is good, and it shows in her performances, and yes, the chemistry between herself and Craig makes it all work. I’m so glad Hulu posts the episodes (although I wish they’d post them faster).

  • Dee says:

    What a great interview withBridget. The series so far has been fantastic. I have only read two
    books after I had seen all of the episodes in Season 1. Craig and Bridget for me are Richard and Kahlan. They both are excellent in their roles. Craig has pulled off RIchard being the woodsguide -haven’t a clue-you-say-I’m-who? to being Richard – in-charge–but he now wrestles with the significance of being a Rahl…how to use it…I defnitely think the books and the series are related, but for the sake of the genre, time slot, etc. they have to bring the essence and not so explicit. Looking forward to more seasons…a great chemistry on and off camera comes across with these two actors…kudos for being so genuine…How about an interview this year with Craig Horner? or the two of them?? Looking forward to the rest of Season 2 and please tell me there will be a Season 3!! :)

  • Josh says:

    I have to agree with Matt. I fell in love with the books and was hoping the same for the show. I try to enjoy the show as it is but when it changes facts like who is living and dead , the characters heritage or events that define the characters, it becomes very frustrating.

    On another note I will give credit to the actors on staying true to their characters. They do a very good job.

  • Deborah says:

    I too agree with Josh & Nicolette. Since I haven’t read the books, and even if I had, it gives me another outlook to explore. When I really like something and they cancel it after 2-3 years, if there is a series of books, it won’t be like watching the show all over again. Variations are GOOD. The actors are wonderful and play the parts so well. Action scenes are especially great. Love the high-drama dialog. Love Bridget, Craig, – all the main characters. Thanks Hulu!

  • Josh says:

    I have to say I agree with Nicolette, it is wonderful to see a “parallel” to the books on T.V. rather than to have the show try and portray the books verbatim onto the screen. I enjoy the drama/action/suspense that unfolds in each episode. Extra enjoyment was also found in the fact that Charisma Carpenter guess starred in the first episode (I am a die hard Buffy/Angel fan). Thank you so much LotS and Hulu for supporting fantasy as there seems to not be enough, and on a special note, thanks for providing the shows with prompt captioning/subtitles so I can enjoy the shows online and not have to special order due to my deafness.

    Keep up the good, hard work! We truly appreciate it all!

  • Nicolette says:

    What is great about the show is that it isn’t a replica of the books, its interesting to see a parallel world to what we have all read in the books. On that note, they do portray the characters as I imagined they would be and Bridget is simply phenomenal in her portrayal of Kahlan, season one, episode one I thought to myself, “yep, that is Kahlan”. Thanks so much Hulu for supporting LoTS!!

  • karen says:

    Woohoo! Bridget is so awesome! Legend of the Seeker is awesome! and Hulu is awesome for supporting LoTS =D

  • Matt says:

    @Kirby Armstrong: Have you even read the books? The only thing that is the same between the books and the show is the characters names, the fact that Richard is the Seeker, Kahlan is Mother Confessor, and Zedd is the first Wizard.

    I’m actually quite disappointed with just how far they have strayed from the story line. But that aside I’d still have to say that Kahlan is my favorite character and Bridget does an excellent job of portraying her accurately!

  • Ase says:

    This is the most fantastic show ever.I think Craig and Bridget meant for each other.

  • Mike says:

    I’m glad to read Bridget Regan’s interview and get to know the actor behind Kahlan’s character a bit better.

    I actually really enjoyed how season 1 ended. There was a satisfying sense of finality, but the writing is so good they are able to open up a whole new avenue of challenges and quests for our trio of adventurers for season 2. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    My gf loves Kahlan’s character because of how strong she is, and I agree with her. Unfortunately, not enough characters like these in Hollywood these days. Thanks for the interview, Hulu.

  • Kirby Armstrong says:

    Wow, thank you so much for bring Kahlan to life for me. I loved the books and didn’t realize how much when I saw it brought to life the way this show does. Kudos to the “writers”, as you pointed out you did much of this simply by reading the books, but regardless, I am pleased as a fan at how the show is sticking to the plot so well and not holding back on some of the darker aspects of the books. Some scenes from the book could of course never be on TV without PPV but you still bring out the intensity of the action enough to convey the seriousness of the books along with the celebration of life, love and what it truly means to be both a leader and have a good heart.

    I just hope the show can keep up to the challenge of continuing that standard even into the sequels where Richard is taken captive by the Order and has to live in the south as a servant to, Lilith?, and carves the statue.

  • Susanne says:

    Kahlan is a terrific character and Bridget plays her superbly. It’s great to see such a strong female character.

  • docram says:

    awesome interview… totally dig her..

  • Mark says:

    Great interview with a fantastic actress. Bridget is absolutely perfect as Kahlan. (Horner and Spence are awesome too!)