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Crash Course: “Greek”

November 3rd, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Drama abounds at Cyprus Rhodes University, the fictional college campus where ABC Family’s Greek takes place. Pledges steal their big sisters’ boyfriends, sororities try to pay their way to the top of the Pan-Hellenic rankings, and best friends come to blows over girls and fraternity allegiances. (Missed any of this drama? Catch up on Hulu — we have Seasons 1, 2 and most of 3.) So far on Season 3, roommates Rusty and Dale — the resident science geeks — are struggling for a research grant, and it’s costing them their friendship; Zeta Beta Zeta queen bee Casey poured her heart out to her ex-boyfriend Cappie, only to be rejected; and bitter rivals Evan and Cappie — former best friends who’ve both dated Casey — are friends again, thanks to a secret underground society. In last night’s episode, “Friend or Foe,” the fall semester is winding down, and the mid-season finale (the show returns in 2010) is full of fraternity pranks, romance, singing and dancing, and — we’re not making this up — a BattleBots showdown between Rusty and Dale.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on. Some of the scenes near the end of the episode were really fun to shoot. It’s an action-packed episode with a lot of drama. It’s actually kind of sad, too,” Scott Michael Foster (who plays Cappie) told us. “There’s a lot of stuff going and emotions are high. It’s always cool to shoot scenes like that, because we always want to make sure we have good finales for the audience.”

Now that Cappie’s back together with Casey, he has to break the news to a possibly less-than-supportive Evan. “When we were reading the scripts and finding out where they were going to go with this storyline, we wanted for them to all stay friends and be happy,” he said, “but drama has to come from somewhere, so it’s definitely hard for the three of them to have a relationship. You’re going to see how it all affects them in the finale.”

Ready to see what happens? Here’s the full episode.

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