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Subtle Sexuality Drops Its First Track

October 29th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

If The Office‘s Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) could star in her own music video, you know it’d be fun, sparkly and full of not-so-subtle references to her workplace lover, Ryan the temp (BJ Novak). And that’s just what her girl group’s first music video is all about. “Male Prima Donna” features an awesome amount of gold spandex and a healthy dose of T-Pain-style auto-tune, but — besides all the awkward dancing by Kelly and her receptionist-friend Erin (Ellie Kemper) — our favorite things about Subtle Sexuality’s video may have to be the appearances of the Nard Dog and Mr. Understood. What can we say? Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) can really sing a bridge and Ryan can rap as well as anyone straight outta Lackawanna County. Here’s a look at the “Subtle Sexuality” webisodes from The Office. — Rebecca Harper ()

Creative Differences
Kelly may never officially reveal the inspiration behind “Male Prima Donna,” but she’s more than happy to let “The Office” cameras follow her around as she produces her first music video. The Dunder Mifflin break room is converted into wardrobe — as Oscar’s trying to eat lunch, naturally — so Kelly can do Ryan’s makeup (he likes a lot of blush and eyeliner), and the parking lot serves as an impromptu set for a scene involving a priest and a smoking bride.

The Replacement
While the SubSex girls may have lost one of their video extras, they soon set their sights on a replacement: Andy, a former member of Cornell’s “Hear Comes Treble” a cappella group. What can we say? He had us with his ode to a vending machine.

The Music Video
In the end, the video had room for all the key players: Ryan in a white top hat and cane as Mr. Understood, while the Nard Dog puts on quite the show in the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse. Meanwhile, Kelly and Erin tear it up as they get down to the chorus: “But I can’t help but want ‘cha / I’m an independent diva / But I still kinda need ya” in gold spandex, wedding clothes and pirate garb. Need a last-minute Halloween costume? We think you’ve found your inspiration.

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