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Awkward “Family” Moments

October 28th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

One of the undisputed breakout hits of the fall TV season has been ABC’s Modern Family, a mockumentary-style comedy that skewers the all-American sitcom family. For starters, patriarch Jay (played by Ed O’Neill from Married … with Children) is a divorcee recently remarried to Gloria (Sofia Vergara), the hot Colombian mother of Manny, a smarter-than-his-years 10-year-old. Jay’s daughter, Claire (Julie Bowen), is a no-nonsense mother of three whose husband, Phil (Ty Burrell), is desperate to be cool. Meanwhile, Jay’s son, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) just adopted a Vietnamese baby with his partner, Cameron (Eric Songstreet). The Pritchett-Dunphys are not your typical TV family, but their quirks and idiosyncrasies make us feel right at home. Below, we share some of the most awkward moments we’ve seen on Modern Family. — Rebecca Harper () for the Yahoo! TV Blog

Good Parents Always Offer Their Two Cents
In the season opener, Mitchell and Cameron have a daunting task ahead of them: the gay couple needs to tell the rest of the family about their newly adopted baby. But Mitchell’s family isn’t known for keeping their opinions to themselves. As he’s about to break the news, Jay interrupts to share his thoughts on the subject of Mitchell and Cameron’s relationship. As a result, Cameron misses his cue and makes his dramatic entrance — with baby in tow — a few beats too soon.

Good Parents Teach Life Lessons
When Claire and Phil’s son, Luke, shoots his sister with a BB gun, they decide it’s time to teach Luke an important lesson: retaliation. As punishment for his actions, Luke must get shot with a BB gun himself, and so Phil takes his son to the backyard, where (as expected) nothing seems to go according to plan. Lesson learned? Who knows, but we’re sure Phil will never look at a gun the same.

Good Parents Give Older Boyfriends a Chance
Claire’s eldest daughter, Haley has a new boyfriend — a high school senior — and mom and dad aren’t so sure about their daughter dating an older boy. But when Dylan shows surprising insight during a volatile family moment, they decide to give him a chance. All that changes, though, when he performs a completely inappropriate but surprisingly catchy song he wrote for his sweetheart in front of the entire family.

Good Parents Want their Kids to Excel
Some of our favorite “Family” moments involve Mitchell and Cameron. In this scene, Mitchell shows his competitive side at baby play group, while Cameron — the diva of the bunch — shows off his dance moves.

Good Dads Enjoy Time with the Family
Hapless son-in-law Phil is always trying to bond with Claire’s dad, but Jay isn’t so tolerant of Phil. That said, Phil convinces his father-in-law to take him out to fly his model plane, and Jay reluctantly agrees — but never gives Phil the chance to take the controls. Instead, he decides to show Phil one of his favorite tricks, one that requires Phil to cross the air field and stand far, far away from Jay.

Good Parents are “Cool”
“Modern Family” fans know that Phil’s desperate to seem cool to his kids, and he goes to great lengths to show his kids how “with it” he can be. Unfortunately for Phil, his attempts at being hip usually miss the mark, as seen here, when he tries to impress — and intimidate — Haley’s boyfriend Dylan.