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’30 Rock’ Returns

October 16th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Today marks the return of the Emmy-winning 30 Rock to Hulu with its Season 4 premiere, titled, appropriately enough, “Season 4.” In the opener, Jack requests some changes on “TGS” in response to the recession. As a result, Jenna goes a little country to appeal to Middle America, Tracy tries to bond with everyday New Yorkers, and Liz and Pete search for a new cast member. Meanwhile, our favorite, Kenneth the Page, starts a page strike when he discovers that not everyone at 30 Rockefeller Plaza has been hit by cutbacks.

Could these “TGS” changes reflect something going on behind the scenes at 30 Rock? “We write what we know,” said executive producer Robert Carlock on a recent teleconference. “I think if it does make it into the script, it’s only because it’s sort of an interesting tension that the people in our fake world live with, too. We want to please as many people as we can. We also want to please ourselves. We’ve been very, very lucky in terms of pleasing ourselves and pleasing the Emmys, which is very, very gratifying and rewarding, and sure, it’s a conversation here. We wish we were the No. 1 show in America, and maybe we’ll get there this year. It sometimes makes for a story, but it certainly doesn’t come from a place of bitterness.”

So how does the cast of “TGS” handle the changes? Find out in the full episode embedded below. Looking for a little more Lemon and friends? Be sure to check out our 30 Rock page for the premiere episode and clips from the last 3 seasons.

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