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Hu-Listic: Peep Show

October 8th, 2009 by Jocelyn Matsuo Asst Video Editor

Hu-Listic: Peep Show Each week, Hulu’s content editor, Jocelyn Matsuo, shares some of her favorite finds on Hulu.

Peep Show has a rather titillating title, so when I was recently propositioned to blog about this show, I wasn’t sure. The idea of selling out — so soon in my Hulu blogging career! — appealed to me, so I checked out the list of things for which I might be willing to whore myself. Fortunately, I found many shows that I might actually like. I dubiously gave them a shot. One in particular completely won me over, and I watched all the episodes in a single day. Peep Show. A British (you’ll realize I have major accent goggles) comedy through the eyes of comedian duo Mitchell and Webb.

It’s awkward and, to American ears, fantastically vulgar. Give it a shot. You might just like it.

Jocelyn Matsuo
Hulu’s Anglophile/Content Editor