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Hulu Exclusive: Baccano!

September 30th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

The anime series Baccano! is available for online streaming in the U.S. for one month only exclusively on Hulu. (We expect to have more exclusives like this soon.) But what is Baccano!? We asked FUNimation writer Scott Porter to tell us more. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor

It would be great to tell you what Baccano! is about, but I’m afraid it’s not that easy. Let’s just start with the name: Baccano!. The word means ruckus. Commotion. Like the type of racket you hear at a party. Like a Halloween party thrown by Quentin Tarantino aboard a chartered train, where zombie Bonnie and Clyde mingle with some sort of evil monk, a pretty girl in a slinky dress, and a Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayer. And it’s the most awesome party ever until the band pulls out machine guns, someone summons a demon, and the evil monk guy eats zombie Clyde’s soul. That’s kind of what this series is like. But what is Baccano! about?

Well, I could tell you it’s about a mafia turf war in New York circa 1930. But I could also tell you it’s about a secret society of eighteenth century alchemists messing around with the occult. And there’s a bootlegged elixir that grants immortality. And people get kidnapped. Some severed limbs grow back. Throw in some car crashes and armed robberies. Oh, and people kiss. Which is nice, but that’s not really what Baccano! is about.

Let’s just go with this. The plot of Baccano! is actually several plots in a caper that crosses centuries and involves more than a dozen characters. Some of them can’t die, some of them are idiots, and even the good guys are violent criminals. The series starts right after it ends and then it sort of never ends. Follow me? It doesn’t matter. Just remember – Paths don’t cross in Baccano! They collide.

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