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Feeding Your TV (and Facebook) Habit

September 18th, 2009 by Eric Yellin Content Distribution

While autumn doesn’t officially start until next Tuesday, everyone here at Hulu considers today the first “real” day of fall. That’s because it marks the day when some of the most popular shows on Hulu — The Office, Bones and Fringe — return with new episodes. And, of course, we now also have the highly anticipated pilot episode of Joel McHale’s Community and a double-dose of Amy Poehler with the season premieres of Parks & Recreation and SNL: Update Thursday

To mark the onset of fall’s TV season, Hulu has just released some new Facebook applications that allow you to tune in to some of your favorite shows and share your thoughts with other Facebook users as you watch. The Hulu: Watch Now Fall Premieres app offers all of Hulu’s fall premieres — including shows from NBC, Fox and ABC — for streaming on Facebook as soon as they are posted to Hulu. And what’s Facebook without a status update or two? You can post real-time updates as you watch, sharing them with your friends and others via the Hulu: Watch Now activity feed.


If you’re a fan of specific shows, you may want to check out the Hulu: Watch Now apps for shows like The Office, Fringe, House, Family Guy, Heroes and more. You can bookmark these pages and come back to them to see fresh content throughout the TV season.

Also on the way: scheduled Facebook events for the show premieres, so you can plan a time to watch online with other fans on Facebook, no matter where you are in the U.S. The first one is coming on Tuesday for the Season 4 premiere of Heroes. You can also RSVP for upcoming events for other shows, including The Simpsons and 30 Rock, by following the event links from their Hulu: Watch Now app pages. To keep up to date on all of these premiere events, become a Fan of Hulu on Facebook.

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Last comment: Jun 3rd 2016 11 Comments
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  • mike says:

    these 30 second commercials before we can even see if its the episode we want are making this website that was really cool start to suck

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  • nikki says:

    I just want to complain that you guys took full episodes of Chuck off line.

  • user says:

    Is this to offset the talks of subscriptions? It makes sense to start getting into the social game. However, it makes more sense for Hulu to either get onboard with other providers like apple TV, Roku and or Microsoft. As well, if the subscription model is more then 5$ a month, and for most people torrents are cheaper and less intrusive! nonetheless, Hulu is heading the way of “Unboxed” a service that we all have heard of, and nobody uses.
    Why would i spend money on Hulu, a company that has only been tolerated because it’s free and pay them? I won’t. I will not add you as a friend on facebook either, you had your chance to play nice.

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  • Eric says:

    Great new stuff. But there’s something else new that is troubling me. In the main page, where the big pictures for various shows appear… am I crazy, or are the show names absent? I see nothing that says Fringe for the Fringe screen, nothing that says SNL for the SNL screen, etc. etc. So some shows all there is is a picture, an episode name, but no hint as to what show it is.

    Or maybe my Flash player is just broken, or maybe I’m just crazy. :)

  • I believe there is a discrepancy between the expected behavior of the Facebook app and its real behavior. Why, when a user clicks on the Friends tab, they see their usual newsfeed, not the comments left by friends on this app/episode.

    Would make sense, right?

    I don’t mean to promote my work, I’m usually really annoyed when people just use comments to do so, but we had developed with my team what I believe is a better Facebook commenting application, for Sprite. I believe we were the first one to place Facebook Connect on YouTube. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/greeneyedworld

    The 3-tab comment box displays:
    – everyone’s comments on the episode playing and on other episodes
    – friends’ comments on the episode playing and on other episodes
    – user’s comments on the episode playing and on other episodes

    Which I believe is less misleading and more solid/useful as a discussion tool. You can even reply in-line to some comments.

    Don’t hesitate to share feedback.

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