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America’s Got Talent Semifinals: Week 12 Recap

September 11th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

In the second round of America’s Got Talent semifinals, we saw some more ups and downs as the contestants attempted to prove whether they had what it takes to headline a show in Las Vegas. As judge Piers Morgan said in the results episode, it was a night of two halves: the good and the not-so-good. He used his buzzer liberally, and even Sharon Osbourne gave an act the “X” in hopes of getting a group off the stage. And we don’t blame her: her victims were the FootworKINGz, who channeled their inner Red Rangers with a tribute to the Power Rangers. Turns out Osbourne wanted to see them to do more than a Russian Cossack dance, and we can’t argue with that. The biggest star of the week, though, was Barbara Padilla, who proved that the Vegas Strip just might be ready for some opera. Below, the Hulu team rounds up the five performers who advance to the “America’s Got Talent” finals, which air on NBC Monday night. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor

Barbara Padilla
Thought the “Talent” producers saved the best for last Tuesday night, we had to highlight opera singer Barbara Padilla’s ethereal performance first. The petite, soft-spoken cancer survivor transformed into a true diva — billowy gold gown, hair extensions and all — as the lights found their way to Padilla on center stage. The soprano moved the audience, the judges and those of us at home with her portrayal of “Ave Maria,” getting a standing ovation in return. Even before the week’s results were announced, it was clear Padilla was going on to the finals. After all, Morgan declared that “It was the single greatest vocal performance we’ve ever had on AGT.”

Hairo Torres
Contortionist Hairo Torres once again made his dance routine a narrative, though this time he ditched the nerd act (as we saw in the quarterfinals) and headed to the prom instead. Our head-spinning prom king delivered an energetic, playful number that made good use of his flexibility and break-dancing talents. Thirty-some years after the dawn of B-boying, Torres proved that, if you want to win votes, a healthy shot of breaking will help. He’ll be going on to the finals next week.

Recycled Percussion
The hard-hitting drummers from Manchester, New Hampshire headed to the junk yard to gear up for this week’s semifinal round. From the looks of things, they took whatever they could grab: paint buckets, hubcaps, dashboards and even a beat-up old van. They dazzled Osbourne with their six-pack abs, but their high-octane performance won over the voters, who have sent them on to the next round. They leave the other Vegas-style act, Mario and Jenny, in the dust. What can we say? Mario’s bouncy-ball tap-dancing routine was an obvious misstep this week.

Lawrence Beamen
The smooth-singing bass singer, who relied heavily on gospel standards to get him to the semifinals, went contemporary this week. He sang Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” to get the ladies in the crowd (and, presumably, at home) all worked up, but we’re inclined to agree with Osbourne: his “acrobatic warbling” was a little overdone this time around, and though we definitely think he deserves a shot at Vegas, we prefer to hear him sing, not show off his vocal range. In a surprise turn, Morgan enjoyed the performance, as did enough voters to get him a free pass to the finals.

Drew Stevyns
Throughout M.C. Nick Cannon’s first season as host of AGT, he’s had some heavy-handed moments on stage. This was particularly evident a few weeks ago when he delivered sister act EriAm‘s fate in the quarterfinals — letting them know, in a surprise twist, that they’d be going on to the semis. Their semifinal performance was a little shaky this week (we blame their song choice), and at the end of the this week’s results episode, it came down to wildcard Drew Stevyns — who we think made it this far based on sheer determination, though his chiseled cheekbones certainly help — and, once again, the EriAm Sisters. The nation sided with the down-on-his-luck singer instead of the bubbly young sisters this week, but we’re sure we’ll hear from at least one of the EriAm girls in years to come.

The final 10 acts have been chosen. What do you think of America’s vote?

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  • Meley says:

    Yes, I checked out the EriAm Sisters and it will be a shame if this girls do not make it big. They are amazingly talented. It certainly was a song choice that resulted in them underperforming. They even admitted on TV they had problems with song choice. Clearly the youngest one did not get what she wanted to sing. I wish we knew what the youngest wanted to sing, she has some seriouse pipes..