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Hu-Listic: Become a Media Insider

September 8th, 2009 by Jocelyn Matsuo Asst Video Editor

Each week, Hulu’s Video Editor, Jocelyn Matsuo unearths little-known treasures from the Hulu library.

Inside Media at the Paley Center has a great collection of Q&A sessions, seriously. The folks at this think tank for all things related to TV and radio — regularly host panel sessions with the cast and creators of the best series on television, and many of these discussions are available for viewing right here on Hulu. It’s your chance to get a little hang-out time with the makers of your favorite programs. They’ve interviewed the people behind so many great shows, it can be a bit of a chore to navigate through the clips, but it’s worth the extra effort.

For instance, check out this clip to see how Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell both got cast on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (In fact, all of The Daily Show clips are winners.)

Then, if you go to The Dana Carvey Show page on Hulu, you can see the sketch that got these two comedy news anchors their break.

Check back next week for more underrated finds from the Hulu vault.

Jocelyn Matsuo
Video Editor

Last comment: Sep 9th 2009 2 Comments
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  • Eric says:

    Wow, this show was hilarious. His “Crazy Guy” act was like a Chapelle pre-cursor. I always loved Dana Carvey, and thought he carried SNL in the 90’s. Didn’t realize Carell and Colbert each were on this show.

    Ha! Just saw the skit of them shoveling the snow and running away from granny. Amazing!