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America’s Got Talent: Week 10 Recap

August 27th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This week, America’s Got Talent announced the last five contestants to make the Top 20, who will move on to the semifinals starting next week. It was a week of stellar performances, including opera singer Barbara Padilla and drummers Recycled Percussion, but that doesn’t mean we missed out on any duds — namely Coney Island Chris, who found himself buzzed off the stage by all three judges during his fiery comedy act. (More on that below.) In the end, America didn’t disappoint, sending the best acts of the week on for another shot at headlining in Vegas. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor

EriAm Sisters vs. Drew Stevyns
Elimination night kicks off with a nail-biter when Nick Cannon calls two sets of singers on stage: the young EriAm Sisters and the hard-working Drew Stevyns, who was one of this week’s wild card acts. The EriAm Sisters harmonized some “Crazy in Love,” proving once again that all three of the girls — ages 16, 14 and 12 — can belt out a tune. Though The Hoff thought that their Beyonce-inspired dance moves took away from their vocals, Piers Morgan didn’t mind their “cheeky style of dancing.” Meanwhile, Stevyns sat down to give us an emotional rendition of The Fray’s “How to Save a Life.” Though Stevyns may not make it to the finals, even Morgan had to admit that it was the best possible performance Stevyns could offer, and he admired his desire. In the end, Nick Cannon did his best “fooled ya,” convincing the sister act they’d be going home. Surprise! Both acts proceed to the semifinals.

African High Flyers vs. Pam Martin’s Top Dogs vs. Coney Island Chris
Cannon pulls another fast one on the contestants in the second round of eliminations: all three of the contestants didn’t make it to the Top 20. That means America sided with Morgan on the subject of the African High Flyers, whom he buzzed of the stage during their blazing limbo act. Meanwhile, voters didn’t roll over for Pam Martin’s Top Dog, despite a nearly flawless performance by a grandstanding Jack Russell terrier. And no surprise here, Coney Island Chris, whose weak “class clown” act included setting his butt on fire. We’re not sure what else he had in store — thankfully all three judges, even The Hoff, buzzed him off the stage.

Recycled Percussion vs. Ishaara vs. Matt & Anthony

Next on the docket: another three way consisting of the rockin’ drum act Recycled Percussion, Bollywood dancers Ishaara, and the tap dancing/guitar-playing roommates Matt and Anthony. Though the Bhangra-style dance — in particular the lithe blonde who stole the spotlight — caught Morgan’s eye, the group didn’t muster enough votes to advance. And though we love eccentricity, Matt and Anthony’s cover of “Freedom” wasn’t good enough for Vegas, either — though the tap dancing was truly excellent. Which leaves us with the round’s winning act: Recycled Percussion. Though they didn’t get a lot of screen time in auditions, we suspect we’ll be seeing more of these guys as they beat out songs like tonight’s “Ballroom Blitz” on buckets and oil drums.

Barbara Padilla vs. Lollipop Girls
The moment opera singer Barbara Padilla came on stage Tuesday night, we knew she was a shoo-in for the Top 20 — and we really hope to see her in the finals, as well. Padilla swept us away in a gorgeous blue gown and diamonds, but it was her voice that took everyone’s breath away. The cancer survivor’s rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye” proved that classy can work on this show (and maybe even in Vegas). “Tonight you came out looking like this, singing like that, living the dream,” Morgan said. “You raised the bar so high, I don’t see anybody else winning tonight.” But up on stage during the eliminations, we weren’t so sure. Would America opt for the burlesque Lollipop Girls instead? After all, David Hasselhoff fell in love with these luscious ladies in auditions, and Morgan claimed he could watch them all night. In the end, voters went first class all the way, sending Padilla on to the semis.

Erik & Rickie vs. Mia Boostrom

On to the final group of eliminations, where the judges choose who gets to advance. This week, it was second-chance teen singer Mia Boostrom against a pint-sized ballroom dancing duo, Erik and Rickie. And though Boostrom did her best, having transformed herself into a chanteuse — much to the delight of Hasselhoff and Sharon Osbourne — Morgan broke a judges’ tie in the elimination round, sending the young paso doble dancers on to the semifinals.

Now that the Top 20 have been chosen, who are your favorites going into the semifinals?

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