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America’s Got Talent: Week 9 Recap

August 20th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This week, America’s Got Talent pitted some of the top performers of season against one another, sending things “Hoff the charts!” as judge David Hasselhoff exclaimed. Though we were treated to a couple of goofballs (Dave Johnson and Jay Mattioli, anyone?) on Tuesday, we saw a number of terrific acts. This being quarterfinals, though, we had to say goodbye to some of our favorite wannabe headliners. Below, the Hulu team recaps this week’s results, with clips of the winning performances. — Rebecca Harper (rebecca.harper@hulu.com), Editor, for the Yahoo! TV Blog

Jeffrey Ou vs. Bri
The first acts on the line: teen singer/pianist Bri, who first won us over in auditions, and piano man Jeffrey Ou. Bri took a risk transforming “Pokerface” into her own song, and while Sharon Osbourne thought she “owned it,” we weren’t quite so convinced — she seemed a little off Tuesday night. But our rising starlet wasn’t the only one who experienced a fumble: Texan Ou’s set was hit with a technical difficulty that cut out the audio during his set: As he transformed from classical pianist to a rock star, a staged groupie accidently kicked out his mic, so the judges and audience were unable to hear his contribution to the rock ‘n roll set. (This is also apparent in the clip below.) In the end, though, America had a forgiving heart, voting to give Ou another chance in the semifinals.

Lawrence Beaman vs. Jay Mattioli vs. Dave Johnson
Although comedic crooner Dave Johnson did his best with an ironic tribute to “The Golden Girls,” voters sided with the judges this week (all three X’d him off the stage) and sent him packing. That left soulful singer Lawrence Beaman up against wildcard act Jay Mattioli, a magician who has a way with scarves. The judges, of course, ate up Beaman’s “You Are So Beautiful,” while they weren’t so fond of Mattioli’s tired magic act, even if he did make use of a puppy. No surprise, Beaman goes on to the semis.

Mario and Jenny vs. Marcus Terrell and the Serenades
The next matchup was one of the most challenging of the week, simply for the fact that their areas of expertise are so different: in one corner, Mario and Jenny perform their edgy juggling act, while Marcus sticks to good old-fashioned singing. Terrell, of course, was at a slight disadvantage: in the Vegas elimination round, the judges had him ditch his backup singers in order to advance to this week’s quarterfinals — and one of the girls didn’t arrive until two days before their live performance. In the end, America was dazzled by Mario and Jenny’s blazing hot performance.

Hairo Torres vs. U4RIA vs. G-Force
Although tween band G-Force did their best to channel their inner Katie Perry, they didn’t master the vocals enough to impress the judges or America — although we expect to see the 8-year-old on drums sometime in the future. Also on the chopping block this week: the dance troupe U4RIA, who really wowed us and the judges with a tight, sexy number that called on an insane asylum. Though The Hoff called them “Hoff-nuts” they didn’t garner enough of a vote to stick around. And besides, contortionist break dancer Hario Torres proved he had serious moves as he treated us to a goofy nerd routine to “Gonna Make You Sweat.”

FootworKINGz vs. Pixie Mystere
Which brings us to the judges’ decision. Though both acts proved they had talent during Tuesday night’s performances, in the end Pixies’ dancing acrobat routine was simply too young for the judges. And besides, the FootworKINGz demonstrated a lot of energy and creativity in their wildcard performance.

Which acts do you think showed the most talent this week?

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  • drod says:

    this comment is not about last night show but just fyi
    you remember Kari Callim great voice but not good looking. Simon is paying a lot of money to plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to make her beatiful so she can come back next year to AGT and win the the millions dollars.