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Catch Up on “More to Love”

August 19th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

A real estate developer who loves grilling and a nice slice of apple pie, 26-year-old Luke Conley is living the dream: he has a house of beautiful women vying for his attention, all in hopes of scoring romance and possibly even marriage. But given that Luke is part of a Fox reality show, More to Love, you know there’s a twist. This dating series update (from The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss) features curvy contestants — and that’s what 300-plus-pound Luke is looking for. The first episode shows us these women have more substance than your typical reality show bimbo, but as the series progresses, the tears fall, the claws come out, and the lips lock. In case you’re just hooking up with “More,” which just narrowed the field to 10 contestants, Hulu’s put together a recap of the first four weeks. — Rebecca Harper (rebecca.harper@hulu.com), Editor, for the Yahoo! TV Blog

Week 1
In classic Bachelor fashion, 20 ladies exit limos in glamorous gowns, ready to make a good first impression. We see blondes and brunettes, tall and petite women, retail clerks and rocket scientists, and even a farm girl from Iowa, who uses her 30 second introduction to promise to teach Luke how to milk a cow. And though Luke’s come-ons are often a bit corny — but they work: he scores kisses with two of the girls on the first night — he comes off as a sensitive guy who’s willing to get to know each of the contestants. But the night’s prize moment isn’t a kiss: it’s seeing Danielle, who professes she’s never had a second date, take the plunge: she jumps into the pool, fully dressed, in an effort to grab Luke’s attention. Finally, the claws come out, courtesy of Portland, Oregon, resident Bonnie (who tells the camera the best way to a man’s heart is “through his stomach. And his pants, but you go for the stomach first, because that’s what classy women do”). In the ring ceremony — Luke distributes promise rings instead of roses on this series — Anna and Malissa, the first two to kiss Luke, are the first women called. Insecure, never-been-on-a-date Mel B. is the last to get a ring, and we say goodbye to five romantic hopefuls, including the rocket scientist and the Iowa farm girl.

Week 2
The second week of More to Love opens with the girls complaining about a contestant who’s rubbing the house the wrong way: Christina, a pretty brunette who’s retail clerk from Michigan. That, of course, sets up the week’s group dates. The first girls to get rings during the previous elimination round are asked to pick teams, treating all us at home to a very important lesson on what it feels like to grow up big and not be picked first. (Thanks, Fox!) Anna and Malissa A. pick their teams, only to realize that there’s an odd man out, Christina. In an ironic twist, she gets the one-on-one date with Luke simply because she wasn’t liked enough to get on a team. First up, though: team Malissa, who are asked to dress to impress and to meet Luke out front at dusk. Their date? An evening on a boat. Sounds romantic until Heather gets seasick, and we see a catty side of Malissa.

Week 3
It’s time for prom! The producers apparently realized that many of their contestants don’t have happy prom memories, so the girls are treated to poufy gowns and sent to get their hair and makeup done for a “second-chance prom.” This week, Danielle — last seen jumping into the pool on night one — steals the spotlight when Luke’s buddies from college suss out the ladies before they choose a prom queen. The winner, Danielle, is treated to a one-on-one date with Luke that gets horribly awkward as the night progresses. When Danielle isn’t given a ring during the night’s ceremony, we see that perhaps old college buddies don’t know what’s best for our star.

Week 4
In an effort to get the contestants to turn on each other, the producers get the girls to play “Good Wife/Bad Wife,” where they vote on who they think is the best and worst matches for Luke. Seasick Heather gets the ladies’ vote for best wife thanks to her fun-loving nature, while the often weepy Mel B. gets a thumbs down for being too young and too insecure for their guy. The winner and loser are both treated to solo dates. First up: Mel B., who’s taken to a Moroccan restaurant. Things are going well between the two when suddenly they’re treated to some belly dancing lessons, causing the 21-year-old nanny to retreat a bit. She confesses she’s never danced before, but by the end of the session, she’s loosened up enough to shimmy her hips just a bit. Meanwhile, Heather is given her choice of ball gowns for a fairy tale dinner at a castle. The dinner goes off without a hitch until the subject of kids comes up, and Heather admits she’d rather be a working mom than a stay-at-home mom. We sense that this will become an issue later on in the series, but for now, Luke chooses to cut the tension with a bit of humor, telling his date he already has three kids. (Once Heather composes herself from this bombshell, Luke tells her it’s all a joke.) When all’s said and done this week, Luke keeps Heather in the game but sends a devastated Mel B. home, but we hope this experience gives her some confidence to put herself out there and try more things.

Who’s your top pick for “More to Love’s” heavyset hunk?

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