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Wrap Up Your Summer at “The Lake”

August 17th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

As summer winds down, why not treat yourself to a good, family-friendly teen drama? That’s what’s happening at The Lake, the new web-only series from the WB. Directed by the original Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jason Priestley, it’s the story of three families who head to the fictional Lake Eleanor each summer, the kids — all teens — forming a tight-knit clique who dive right back into their annual traditions (skinny-dipping in the lake, naturally).

This summer, things have changed a bit: the Knights and the Davenports are newly merged into one Brady Bunch-style unit, and each family is harboring a secret of its own. Like we saw on Priestley’s 90210, we’ll see romance and jealousy, friendship and rivalry as the vacation unfolds.

Last week, the show’s executive producer, Jordan Levin, interviewed Priestley about his latest directorial project. Having been a teen heartthrob himself, Priestley had plenty of advice to share with the young stars of The Lake. And what would the late 90210 executive producer Aaron Spelling think of this new series? “He would have liked the beautiful people we have in the show,” Priestley says. See what else he says in the interview embedded below.

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