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Go “All Out” with PINKS

August 13th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

This week on Hulu, PINKS All Out, show creator and host Rich Christensen and his team deliver something never televised before: four-wide drag racing from the zMAX Dragway in Concord, North Carolina.

“There’s only one track in the country that has four lanes of drag racing, and that’s the zMAX track just outside Charlotte, North Carolina,” says PINKS All Out‘s technical crewmember Willie B. “And it’s awesome.” For this particular episode, the sanctioned track — intended to keep the race going when two lanes are shut down due to oil spills — hosted four cars going at it side-by-side as the drivers raced for the finish line in hopes of snagging $10,000 cash and a fully loaded NAPA toolbox .

“When four cars line up side by side, that’s a spectacle,” Christensen says. “Now you’re not hearing two burnouts, you’re hearing four burnouts. The sound is amplified times two. The visual explosion — instead of watching two cars race to get to the finish line first, you’re seeing four. It’s almost overload, and that’s a terrific thing.”

And the cars competing run the gamut: racers drive old cars, new cars, muscle cars and even one known as the Wheelie Wagon. “There’s every car, from import to domestic to old-school to brand-new, to all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, and every manufacturer,” Christensen says. “Most importantly, they all have one common thread: grass-roots racers. They don’t have big sponsors paying them big dollars to travel the country. These are your neighbors and people that you know who wrench on their cars on the weekends.”

As a result, the racing is real fun to watch. “You’ll see some of the craziest, absolutely unbelievable driving that you’ve seen at a PINKS All Out show all year long,” says Willie B., a former racer on the show who’s also a radio DJ in Denver. “There are some guys that are out to prove a point, and they don’t get out of the throttle until it’s proven. I couldn’t believe some of these guys laid on the gas when their car was sideways, facing the wall — and these guys are still just hammering it.”

You’ll also see a bit of Big Three rivalry. “The rivalries are fantastic. That’s become the most fun part of the show. We ask the crowd who’s the Ford people, who the Chevy people are, and who the Mopar [Chrysler] people are,” Christensen says (a Mopar man himself). “Everybody starts rooting for their brand, and it’s no different than watching the Vikings fans versus the Green Bay Packers fans. It’s fantastic, total rivalry in the friendliest, most respectful form. Even Chevy people know there are some bad Mustangs out there and, of course, the Ford people know there are some bad Camaros out there. These things are bad to the bone. They’re fast, they’re awesome, so even though [the fans] root for one, they still have respect for the other brand or model.”

And though Christensen puts himself on that box between the tracks for every race — where he’s been struck by car parts, lost some of his hearing, and come within a couple feet of being hit — he’s never gone down the quarter-mile track himself. “For me, I actually get to sit back and really enjoy the enthusiasm, and get caught up in the moment,” he told us. “But no, there’s no real desire for me to get in that car and go down there as fast as I can. That’s telling the truth. I love watching others do it. I’ve really become a true fan of watching these unbelievably talented and smart people put that horsepower to their back wheel and get that tire to the concrete and get down that track as quickly as they can. They’re artists and geniuses as far as I’m concerned.”

You can catch PINKS All Out on the SPEED channel, or watch full episodes anytime right here on Hulu.

Rebecca Harper ()
Editor, Hulu

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