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Origin of a Legacy: Kakashi Chronicles Reveal All!

August 6th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Our partner, VIZ Media, treats us to two Naruto Shippuden episodes this week. “The Kakashi Chronicles” goes back 10 years, when a young Kakashi is sent on an important mission. Below, Naruto‘s Series Editor, Joel Enos, tells us more about these special episodes. — Rebecca Harper (), Editor, Hulu

Ever feel like Kakashi was seriously hard on Squad 7 (Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke) back in the beginning? You know, back when he used to make them try to grab the bells from him and climb trees. And when he left Naruto tied up and crying?

Sure, he proved himself much later to be incredibly loyal and faithful. And even, sometimes, a caring sensei. But you always got the feeling there was a little something extra going on with him. Like how he focused so much on Sasuke, rather than Naruto, who obviously needed a lot of focus! And he’s not part of the Uchiha Clan. So how’d he get that Sharingan Eye that he keeps hidden under his patch? That’s a family chakra trait. So what’s the connection?

Well, guess what! You get to wonder no more. This excellent anime extra, Kakashi Chronicles: Boys’ Life on the Battlefield finally gives away some of the biggest secrets of the Make-Out Paradise reading son of the White Fang of the Leaf. Where did he get that Sharingan Eye if he’s not an Uchiha? How did he learn so much about teamwork and loyalty and responsibility? And how was able to train even Naruto, the most unruly of students?

Kakashi Chronicles delves deep. And the story of young Kakashi will inspire you, scare you, worry you, and ultimately, help you understand even more why Kakashi, in his own way, is really one of the most important shinobi of all! — Joel Enos, Series Editor, Naruto