A little more Glee for everyone.

A few months ago, we presented the pilot episode of the upcoming show Glee. The response was very unusual. The pilot clearly struck a chord given the high volume of searches, streams, comments and tweets (all for what was just one pilot episode). It has been a long time since the Hulu team has seen such a wide variety of glowing adjectives in close proximity to the same noun. Given this, we went to Fox and the creators of Glee, and shared your responses to the pilot. We also asked if there was any way we could share even more of the show with you. They happily agreed.

With thanks to Fox and the creators of Glee, we’re happy to share a musical number from the upcoming first season of Glee. Many thanks for the comments, tweets, searches and more. We’re listening!

Jason Kilar (jason.kilar@hulu.com)
CEO, Hulu

97 thoughts on “A little more Glee for everyone.

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  2. Holy crap. Critics are wonderful, but focus on the SHOW, the ideas, the cinematography. Leave the actress and the shape of her body alone. Calling her a “pig”? What the hell is wrong with you. And then you admit to thinking the show is dumb anyway. So why bother watching it at all? Or leaving a long comment, to vent on an idea you don’t agree with anyway? It’s moronic.
    Yes, this video was a slight disappointment from the rest of the pilot that we saw. But if the entire show was based strictly on the auditorium and school competitions it wouldn’t go very far. Of course we’re going to see the characters solo, and see their thoughts, dreams, and daydreams. It’s all fuel for the show. And with that will be solo performances as well as group performances. The same happens in a real stage performance.

    joeraez you’re really a dumb person. I’d show you personally how much of a Critic i can be, but this is a posting area for all audiences, so I’ll keep it toned down, like you should have.

  3. exactly how old are the people saying the dancers are provacative? maybe they dont watch true blood, gossip girl, sex and the city…all shows that have very intense sexual references that teens and young adults watch religiously. and there no worse then the cheerleaders i see at high schools nowadays. amber killed it, and to whoever said she was lip synching OBVIOUSLY..did you know they lip synch on music videos too? and lol to the person who said she was so stereotypical..its true..she is..and a little too much at times but not her fault blame the scriptwriter! cant wait to see the entire first seasonnn!

    all im saying is if you expected high school musical, you may as well hulu some hannah montana episodes cuz this isnt the show for you.

  4. Wow people are such prudes. As if the dancing was that bad. The outfits aren’t much different than what cheerleaders actually wear. I hate this obsession America has with “protecting” its children from such “graphic” content. There is a reason we Americans are known as prudes and a reason why birth rates are so high amongst younger girls…


    I actually liked this clip a lot. Of course she is lip synching. Did you honestly expect her to be singing this live? It’s television…seriously people. Even the first episode songs were lip synched.

  5. Wow, that was so disappointing. I loved the sweetness of the pilot episode. That clip was tasteless and vulgar. The dancers were not in the spirit of the pilot- too much Gossip Girl and Hooters.

    Here’s hoping the rest of the episode(s) are not like that clip.

  6. Matt – If you hate the show and hate musicals, why the heck even waste your time? And you are so rude for calling that girl a pig! she has a beautiful voice and you competely disregard her talent and go straight for her appearance – which isn’t as bad as you are making it out to be!
    And it’s SITCOM. How could you expect it to have any deep meaning? It’s fluff entertainment.

    Anyways, I didn’t realize the show was going to actually be a musical. I figured it would just be singing in the context of Glee Club rehearsals and performances – but I love musicals so it should be great. The Pilot was really just amazing. I didn’t absolutely LOVE this number, but I thought it was funny satire.
    I can’t WAIT for the season to start!

  7. I love this show. The song was funny and obviously a parody of MTV and things of that nature. I don’t understand how anyone could watch that clip and be ignorant enough to assume that this show promotes “overeating and slang language in a show that is suppose to be directed at children”. And isn’t one of the main principles in the USA to accept people for who they are. Maybe she is proud of the way she looks. Only an ignorant hypocrite could say this show doesn’t promote American values and then say that the girl sucks because she doesn’t look like every girl in Cosmopolitan. Obviously, Matt knows very little.

  8. Wow “Matt”, you just seem to be one big freaking ray of sunshine. I find it it a little out of line that you’re calling the actress from this clip a “pig.” You also said that they should get someone who respects their body, how do you know she doesn’t respect her body? Some people just have a difficult time losing weight, and I’m glad this show promotes different shapes and sizes instead of the stereotypical wafer thin model. It’s funny how you think this show is directed towards children, because (sarcasm alert) when I was a child I loved watching prime time FOX instead of cartoons. I also find it in poor taste that your interested in how the children feel when you use words like “retarded.” Lastly it seems you think that America is going downhill (what in the world is that supposed to mean) because of proud black women using their singing talents in a soon to be hit show…when what America needs is less of the hatred and negativity that you so greatly just demonstrated. Have a nice day and Go fly a kite!

  9. absolutely LOVE this show and her voice is AMAZING. much much better than the original version of the song. Glee ROCKS!! best new show ever!

  10. I enjoyed the clip. I found the dancers to be necessary since it is a slight parody of all the typical urban videos that are out now. Not a fan of musicals but really do enjoy the show.

  11. Personally i think the girl should be on the Biggest Loser..how is it we promote overeating and slang language in a show that is suppose to be directed at children.
    The song is retarded…destruction of other peoples property is the main message it seems and this is suppose to be talent…
    If there is one thing this song and pig singing it represent it is what we seem to value in America these days and is why we are going down hill fast.
    Sing something that actually has context and meaning and get someone who respects their body to sing it….but hey what do i know…this show is dumb anyway.

  12. a) i like the group songs a lot better.
    b) not a fan of the dancers.

    but i did love her singing.

  13. Oooohh, shoot. That was disappointing. Why did they have to go and sex it up like that? The setting for this show is supposed to be high school, not MTV. This clip lacks the joy and wry humor of the very funny and, I thought, promising pilot. I hope they don’t go all predictable and try to do a high school version of Falcon Crest.

  14. Trying to be sexy? I don’t know about that, it all comes down to the song and genre. You can’t exactly sing an up beat hip hop number wearing a nun’s outfit. I love this rendition. This girl can really sing and I am so excited about them introducing unknown actors with great talent. Other teen shows (Secret Life and Make It or Break It come to mind) don’t necessarily take into consideration talent when casting. Can NOT wait until it airs this fall! Keep the sneak peeks coming! :)

  15. I love glee!
    Amber riley sings this song ten times better than the original artist
    Cant wait for the show to start and thanks for putting this video up

  16. As someone who’s senior yr consisted of 5 periods of choir.. I gotta say …I Love it! I loved the pilot and can’t wait til the season starts.. Finally a show for the choir/chorus/glee club geek/lover in all of us!

  17. As far as “busting her heart,” I’m guessing she liked him but didn’t realize he was gay…? Because the pilot definitely set him up as a very gay character, so I don’t think he’s straight. Other than that, I didn’t think the outfits/dancing were TOO inappropriate considering the demographic they’re trying to attract (tweens and above), and Amber’s voice is FANTASTIC. I’m definitely looking forward to the actual season.

  18. I love it!!!! Amber Riley is so fierce in this scene (and every scene) and Chris Colfer’s expressions are hilarious!

    As for the sexiness of it, I don’t think this is going to be a common thing – this IS a show about underdogs and outcasts. And this is [Possibly SPOILER] a dream sequence, I do believe, so I don’t think this is something that will occur often.

    I for one count myself among the many who can’t wait for more Glee in my life!!!

  19. Spoilery i guess
    It’s Mercedes fantasy after finding out the guy she has a crush on, Kurt, is gay. Thought it was fantastic. Good to know there not gona leave her without a real storyline.

  20. Is there a reason they have to make the black girl so stereotypical? Can’t wait till they show her eating watermelon and fried chicken with hot sauce.

    Such a disappointment.

  21. I LOVED the pilot of this show, but the lip-syncing in this clip was waaaaaay too obvious for me. Still, very much looking forward to additional episodes!!

  22. I loved it. That girl sings with the best of them – i wouldn’t be surprised to have her be a household name some day. And the cheerleaders doing backup – man, incredibly hot. Without being too down on Fox, I usually think they have pretty crappy shows (except for the animation). It’s so cool to see them come up with something so much better than what we usually get on the networks these days.

  23. Really enjoyed the pilot – didn’t immediately like this clip as much but by the end I was into it. I’ll definitely be watching the season premiere, but I may have to kill FOX if they cancel another great show like this before its time (RIP Arrested Development).

  24. i loved this…
    and those who dont are being real…umm…well dumb.
    “Disappointed with it! Singing was great but will second guess watching it and letting my kids watch after seeing outfits and suggestive dancing.”

    umm, those are cheerleading outfits? how horrible..and the dancing?
    you could see worse on mtv, but im sure they are aloud to watch that…
    that wsa an idiotic comment.

    but yes! i cant wait…it looks fantastic..
    and i thought that kid was gay too.lol
    hmm…guess not..lol

  25. ^ you say that like you didn’t watch the pilot
    There were pleanty of sexual refrences in the pilot, as well as drug refrences

    But ,seeing this does make me slightly less excited for glee, but it was just one song of one episode, not all parts can be the best.

  26. I totally agree with Janet. I am thinking twice now about my choice in deciding not to watch it. Now I think i will TiVo it and give it a look see.

  27. very disappointing. i hope this is not an indication of things to come–the pilot was just amazing. Is she lip syncing? WTF?

  28. I thought that boy character was gay. Don’t tell me they’re gonna go with the whole metrosexual route. I think it’ll be better if that character is ambiguously gay. It’ll keep the viewers guessing.

  29. I absolutely Loved it! I am so happy that Finally it is ok to show people who have talent and does not have to be a size 2. Shes pretty and plump and she can sing!! She got the moves and i cant wait to see the show since they are soooo open minded regarding Size and Race, Im positive this will be a show like no other :)

  30. Personally, I agree with billigerent. I think this was disappointing. The pilot was just FANTASTIC, but I think they’re trying to be too sexy with this number.

  31. Disappointed with it! Singing was great but will second guess watching it and letting my kids watch after seeing outfits and suggestive dancing.

  32. I was hoping these songs would have more of a Broadway vibe. This wasn’t bad, but it didn’t send me through the roof like “Don’t Stop Believing.”

  33. Finally Glee’s season is going to start. If all of the outcasts watch this show it will be an amazing run for this show. YEAH us FINALLY!!!

  34. Thank you so much for posting more Glee. I seriously can’t wait for this one!

  35. I love this song! It better show up on itunes soon. I can’t wait for glee in september!

  36. Honestly, I find this clip very disappointing. I liked the pilot but seeing this makes me question watching the show when it finally airs.

  37. Another brain dead over dubbed piece of fluff that steals from real drama series. Watch this and watch your IQ sink to sub couch levels.

  38. I somehow missed this… but it looks genius! Can’t wait for the season so I can see the whole thing!

  39. OH thank you so much so this glimps. I was so upset after watching the pilot to not see any new episodes till the fall, I felt a little betrayed that fox would hook me in with an awesome pilot andmake me wait for more so very long.

  40. This video is awesome, I loving what I see so far of the show. The cast seems very interesting. Can’t wait to see more.

  41. Of all the shows this upcoming season, I look forward to Glee’s premiere the most. This looks to be the first musical number that’s in a dream sequence. Amber Riley did an awesome job on it.

  42. this could actually be a cure for something, something real bad. GO Glee!!

    I love YOU too Hulu!!

  43. Absolutely fantastic pilot, I can’t wait to see what they do with it! I haven’t watched a show as it ran on television in years but I’ll do my best to catch this one weekly.

  44. Awesome! Thanks for the sneak peek. Now please get back to work so that I can see another full episode!

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  46. Lovin’ it! That was a fantastic clip, can’t wait for it to arrive in the fall. I’m a Firefly fan who’s still wary to be dealing with Fox. Hopefully Fox will be willing to let the show grow and not cut it!

  47. That was great! Fantastic. Absolute loved it cant wait for more Glee material. Thanks for listening Hulu your the number one site for me with everything TV.

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  49. I love to see that GLEE! can be gritty and vengeful…in song! Just makes me love it even more. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  50. LOVE IT!!!! originality is hard to come by here, in LaLaLand, and this show has it all over!!!!

  51. I was actually hoping that the music part of this show would be more like a school’s Glee club, without the apparent editing of voices done. I’m hoping the future songs on this show will be more like the songs done on the Pilot.

  52. omg. this is making me even more excited and anxious for the season to startttttt. ahhh. she’s amazing.

  53. I didn’t see the pairing of Mercedes and Kurt coming! So excited to see the first season!

  54. Omg that was too awesome for words! This is the only Fall show I’m looking forward to! FOX better not bust my heart by canceling this show after 3 episodes!

  55. Looks interesting. I loved loved loved the pilot and can not wait to see what they do from here!

  56. Aww she loves the little gay kid! I want one just like him oh wait I do have one just like him lol <333

  57. It sort of has that Ally McBeal “theme song” fantasy vibe to it. Very cool. Looking forward to seeing more.

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