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Giving You Your ‘Spaced’

July 23rd, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

To anyone who tuned in to watch the antics of Jack, Chrissy and Janet on Three’s Company, the concept of roommates willing to pull one over on a landlord to get a decent apartment isn’t all that foreign. But that’s about all today’s Hulu Days of Summer title, Spaced, has in common with that silly 1970s romp.

After a chance meeting in a coffee shop, Tim (Simon Pegg, fromStar Trek and Shaun of the Dead) and Daisy (Jessica Hynes [formerly Jessica Stevenson]) find themselves searching for an apartment together. But upon realizing the best, most affordable apartments are only leased to professional couples, they have a brilliant idea: to pose as a couple in order to get a halfway decent place. As you’d expect, they run into all sorts of mishaps as they try to pull off the rouse for their drunken landlady whenever she stops by. (Mr. Roper, anyone?) But this U.K. import — written by Pegg and Hynes themselves — also combines its premise with wonderfully surreal moments and rapid-fire edits (much like another British comedy, Green Wing).

Best of all, each episode is jam-packed with pop culture references that target everything from Star Wars and Wolverine to Pulp Fiction and The Matrix. It’s the kind of show you want to watch again and again to catch all the insider jokes — and fortunately, all 14 episodes (2 seasons) are up on Hulu, making it easy to do just that. And, please, make sure you stick around for the next-to-last episode for a peek at Ricky Gervais before he went on to do The Office (the original series).

What’s your favorite pop culture reference in Spaced? Tell us in the discussions board for the series.

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