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The team at Hulu continues to refine our search tools, making it easier for you to find more videos to enjoy now that we’re deep into summer. Whether you’re looking for a specific video — pint-size guitar hero Tallan Noble Latz, perhaps? — or simply browsing for something new to watch, the team has made a few modifications to our Search Results pages, as well as our Most Popular and Recently Added pages.

The most prominent change is cosmetic, as we have moved away from our former two-column grid and have given prominent placement to the show you’re most likely searching for. You can subscribe to the show, check on its availability, and get a brief description of the show, but you can easily pinpoint a specific episode using the browse tools to the upper right of the results. For current shows, such as Better Off Ted or America’s Got Talent, we’ll default the most recent episode; for older shows, like Miami Vice, we’ll highlight the pilot episode (or the first episode we have if the pilot is unavailable). You can browse through the episodes available there, or scroll down the page to check out all the videos that match your search.

Hulu Search Results: Better Off Ted

Your results can be refined using the filter menus — display only clips or full episodes, or sort by relevance or airdate, for instance — and those of you looking for closed captioning can opt for the “cc only” option, which will call up results with that feature, if any related videos are available.

These changes are carried over to our Most Popular and Recently Added pages. And because we really do listen to your feedback, we’ve modified things so that multiple clips or several episodes from a particular season of a show are now collapsed into a single entry that you can click on to expand. That way, you can easily bypass the videos you’re not interested in, but still easily to delve into the content you do care about, like the latest clips from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

recently added clips

And finally, from the Time-Based Search page in Hulu Labs, you can also search for videos based on date and then use the Video Type filter to display clips or full episodes only.

Now that you’ve read all about these new features, give them a try and let us know what you think: send your feedback to

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5 thoughts on “Search Update

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  3. Hey, while you’re improving search- why don’t you actually implement real search? Are you seriously not implementing the + (and) operator or the “quotes”? These are pretty basic operators, I am unclear as to how these could have been left out. Welcome to the 90’s, Hulu- let’s see logical combinations of terms, sheesh.

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