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Vat’s Up?

July 11th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

The Hulu team got to see a whole new side of Sacha Baron Cohen on Friday. The group of us were shocked and awed by his latest onscreen antics as Bruno, the Austrian fashion correspondent who pushes the envelope in his pursuit of becoming a celebrity. Thanks to our partners at Universal, we had an entire theater to ourselves to witness the spectacle that is Bruno.

Hulu at Bruno

Sure, we had glimpses of what was to come through appearances on The Tonight Show, The Today Show and the MTV Movie Awards (a moment Eminem will surely never forget), as well as the trailer. But those clips don’t give it all away — there are dozens of moments meant to offend, shock and poke fun at society as Bruno travels the world in search of fame. We’ll just let the fashionista speak for himself:

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