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America’s Got Talent: Audition Favorites

July 10th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Thanks to a little performance by Susan Boyle, “Britain’s Got Talent” garnered worldwide attention this year, leaving the producers of America’s Got Talent to wonder if they’d uncover a diamond in the rough in their talent pool this year. Fortunately, their questions were answered by the third episode, when an assuming man in a baseball cap took the stage with his guitar. But that doesn’t mean he’s a sure thing. Auditions are still underway as David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan act as judges in America’s “biggest talent show.” Below, the Hulu team took a look at some highlights from the first few weeks of the search. — Rebecca Harper () for the Yahoo! TV Blog

Kevin Skinner
As soon as farmer Kevin Skinner began his cover of a Garth Brooks song, it’s clear America’s Got Talent found its Susan Boyle. Despite his humble background, this contestant’s genuine performance won over the crowd and judges, even getting a standing ovation from the Hoff on his way to getting a free ticket to Las Vegas.

If a cute 17-year-old with a winning smile steps up to say she’s going to perform a Jonas Brothers song (in this case, “Burnin’ Up”), it’s not unreasonable to expect a bubblegum tribute. But in this case, singer-pianist Bri made the song her own, putting a sultry spin on the pop hit.

Grandma Lee
When a 75-year-old woman announces that she’s following her lifelong dream, you can’t help feel obligated to listen. But what comes out of contestant Grandma Lee’s mouth is not what you’d expect. This salty lady shares a piece of her mind on all things related to her family, going on to ask Piers — who’s just told Mrs. Lee that she’s his favorite contestant so far this year — “Who’s your grandma?”

T.J. & the Little Mamas
What’s a talent show without a pint-sized dance troupe? In this case, young T.J. is the leading man with a posse of six girls who show off their hip-hop moves as T.J. flips across the stage. Sure, this act is confident and talented, but they’re also so cute!

Hairo Torres
Hairo Torres is a dancer, but not in the traditional sense. Calling himself a break dancer, the 23-year-old entered the competition to show judges something they’ve never seen before, but this is no standard “caterpillar” style break dance. Torres is more like a contortionist, moving his body in seemingly impossible ways to wow the crowd.

A Million Dollar Act
Illusionist Drew Thomas has a relatively simple set: a couple of crates and a few sheets. But his act was enough to get “The Hoff” to exclaim: “Finally! Finally, we have a magician on this show that’s worthy of winning a million dollars and going to Las Vegas.” After all — could you pull these beauties out of thin air?

Jay Mattioli
On the other hand, illusionist Jay Mattioli relied on his star quality and a little rock ‘n roll style to make his modern magic act interesting. He defied gravity and surprised the audience, but more importantly, he entertained the judges enough to get himself on to the next round of competition.

David Johnson
We all have our childhood crushes. Loan officer David Johnson’s is a little unexpected, as revealed in this serenade to a former Baywatch star. While Johnson might not have the chops to win the competition, his ability to write a witty tune got him a ticket to Vegas.

Thia Megia
When performer Thia Megia announced that she was performing Jennifer Holliday’s “I Am Changing,” Piers Morgan noted that it’s a big song. The 14-year-old soon proved her voice is big enough for the challenge, getting the crowd on its feet as she hit every note of the soulful song.

Sisterly Talent
As soon as the EriAm sisters began belting out their rendition of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” in the Season 4 America’s Got Talent opener — just two days before Michael Jackson’s death — it was clear these girls were going on to Vegas. With 11-year-old Haven taking the lead, this sister act was playful and fun, the type of performance well-suited for a national talent show.

Last comment: Jul 18th 2016 7 Comments
  • Janis Eggleston says:

    Kevin Skinner needs to consider a song that came to me today. If he could pull off a country version of Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” he would make it through to the next round. Leave comments about what you think about this song choice.

  • Mark says:

    OK let’s be honest, this show cannot please everybody. There are those who really like singers, such as many of the people who have posted before me, and there are those who really like variety acts such as dance groups, magicians, etc. like me. The fact is, this a search for talent. Well, it is really arguable to what talent is. Being able to sing is obviously a huge talent, and it tends to wow people more than a dancer or some piano player. However, if we judged based on what amazed us the most and we though was the most ‘talent’ we’d have a show full of singers and it would be like American Idol for all ages (which is a completely different idea for a different show). Clearly America likes singers, considering all three past America’s Got Talent winners sing in some way. Singing tends to be seen as ‘having talent’, but I honestly find these other ‘variety’ acts more interesting. I think we need a break from all this ‘singing talent’ and should focus on finding some really cool dance group, magician, dancer, instrumentalist, or something like that, but that’s just my opinion.

    BUT HONESTLY: THERE IS NO WAY TO PLEASE EVERYONE WITH AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. If we just went on ‘who has talent and who amazes people’ we would have a show of singers, but the proudcers of AMerica’s Got Talent don’t want this to be another American Idol, so they can’t put through every singer or it would. Yes, there were singers who didn’t get through that have boat loads more talent then the stupid guy who eats glass, but it adds variety to the show, and that’s how America’s Got Talent is run. OK so one singer should have gotten through, but the singers that actually did get let through were probably better than that one who didn’t, and would have beaten them in the end. It’s not really about who advances; it’s all about who wins!

  • Josh says:

    ok…I have a lot to talk about. I love this show-it’s a great, feel-good show-most of the time. However, lately I have been fed up with the judges and the producers. What they call TV ratings I call %$&@. Im only a kid, and even I can recognize the poor discretion of NBC producers. Im not taking my problem up with the judges, because we all know they’re not making these decisions to send people to Hollywood or not-its the judges with their clouded judgement. You see, the way these producers send people to Hollywood is the epitome of greed. They make the show out to be something that changes peoples lives for the better, telling these feel-good stories along the way and showing how they let people recognize and act upon their dreams. Let me use an example-NBC sends through an obnoxious, exploited little girl Elyssia with all her lines premediated by her parents and absolutely no talent-plus, there are thousands of kids that can play the piano and sing a crappy version of Tina Turner. She’s not even cute! There’s tons more examples of this, like the comedy-singer who went on the show as a joke. Now, they turn down people with talent-people I would actually go pay to see. Never in my life would I pay to see some obnoxious little girl bang on a keyboard with a screechy voice. They turn down the singer that was on American Idol-she is amazing. They also turn down the singer with the clef pallet-she was also amazing. Does NBC really think I will watch their %$#^@(% crap show to see some exploited fetus play? NBC is so concerned with keeping their show a “variety show” that they fail to see this. If I had a dime every time Piers said “There is already an act like yours in the competition, so we might have to turn you down”. Who gives a %$#&? I’d rather see 40 singers over some squirt…This might be all about the ratings for you, NBC, but I see right through you. You’re just an evil product of man’s greed. The rest of you bloggers, I encourage you to see right through NBC and blog with me. My heart goes out to those talented people who were dropped unfairly. But after all, it would be an insult for you all to be competing side-by-side with some exploited, obnoxious, pip-squeek. Good luck with whatever you end up doing…

  • Joana Lisa says:

    Im am sooooooooooo OUTRAGED by Ciana Pelekai’s Elimination as well.. I lost hope in the Show as a whole….I Honestly truthfully feel like Boycotting it completely… How can a 8 year-old girl that has REAL NATURAL RAW TALENT not make it through????? This dumfounds me… I Truely believe the judges need to realize they have made a mistake and ask her to please return to the show, Ciana overall is an inspriation to all of America… Her voice gave me unstoppable goosebumps and my jaw dropped and stayed open through out her whole performance..I invisioned her story like a real life mini Cinderella story… And If She is not asked to come back to the show.. Its America’s Got Talent’s lost…Because Ciana is Big and will be BIG with or without America’s Got Talent…

    Ps- This can be the end of this show… When i watched the episode when she got eliminated i was with a group of 5 friends and they all wanted to turn it off… And til this day it was our “thing” to get together and watch America’s Got Talent on tuesday and wednesday nights… And we’ll sure be watching another show now… Real big let down :/

    PLEASE dont commit the same mistake with Kevin Skinner, Thia Megia and
    Barbara Padilla (Voice of an Angel)

  • Nathan Schoulthies says:

    America’s Got Talent they should change the name to The American Idol With Out Simon Cowl. 90% of the act suck, the singing sasquash dominatrics but they didn’t take the amazing magition that did that bend alone that was talent. This year the show blows the host is a bore I don’t know how he became a star, he has no personality. I could pick a better cast and have hire ratings than they will ever have. I wish I could have the chance to prove it I would even work the first season for free, the show could be amazing but not picking a massive amount of singers. We have enough shows like that.

  • Based on his performance of, “Old Man River” if Lawrence Beaman doesn’t win this season I will think the judges are no judge of talent. I wanted the show to be only half over with young Mr Beaman singing for the last half hour uninterrupted by commercials. I can hardly wait to hear him again. I only hope some wise agent along with an equally wise Broadway producer heard this young sensation.

  • cord says: