Paying Our Respects

Today, the world celebrates the musical greatness of Michael Jackson. While there are many question marks surrounding his life and death, no one can deny how truly great and groundbreaking his music remains. Jackson, through his music, inspired millions to dance, give back to those less fortunate and celebrate the little moments in life that matter the most. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Considering that the large majority of the world will not be able to experience today’s memorial service in person, Hulu wanted to make sure you had online access to the celebration, whether you’re at work, school or home.

Now, I can’t write a Michael Jackson blog post without telling a short personal story. When I first saw Michael Jackson moonwalk, it was 1983 and I was five years old. I was at my Aunt Gail’s house, sitting on the couch with my mom and grandmother, watching the “Motown 25″ TV special when Jackson famously performed “Billie Jean.” At the time, my brain was too young to understand “the moment” and significance of his performance, but I knew sliding across the floor backwards was cool … and that I needed to learn how to do it, immediately. Over the next several weeks, I practiced moonwalking in my socks on the linoleum floor in my kitchen, ruining each pair along the way. Weeks later, when my class had a “Show and Tell,” I moonwalked. When other kids brought their favorite Transformer or Cabbage Patch doll, I slid across the floor and into my teacher’s desk because it was the coolest thing I knew how to do.

While I hope I’m not forced to share these moves at the next Hulu wind-down (our biweekly staff meeting), I’m sure many of you have similar memories of the pop star. As the world pays their respects to the King of Pop, we’d like to hear your favorite Michael Jackson memory. You can leave them in the comments section here on the blog to share them with the other fans who are watching on Hulu today.

Hulu’s Moonwalk Dance Champion

15 thoughts on “Paying Our Respects

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  2. i can not believe that the pop star is dead. but as i had of it let his soul rest in internal peace.

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  13. I fondly remember a show-and-tell at my own kindergarten as well: a boy showed up with one white glove and performed the moonwalk and he was the coolest thing ever. Our elderly teacher had no idea what he was doing or why we were so excited about it!

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  15. Will the ceremony be accessible worldwide (especially in France, where I live) with Hulu? Because all of your shows aren’t.

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