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Hulu Days of Summer

June 22nd, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

To herald the beginning of summer, we’re kicking off eight weeks of content that’s new to the Hulu service. It’s our little way of helping you make it through the dog days of the season. You can find all the latest additions from our Hulu Days of Summer calendar page, where we’ll reveal the newest addition to the lineup each weekday. You’ll discover everything from popular movies to classic cartoons; dramas to sitcoms; and documentaries and sci-fi favorites as the season progresses.

We’re starting things with The Last of the Mohicans, the epic film starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Directed by Michael Mann (whose Dillinger flick, Public Enemies, opens next week), it is the story of Hawkeye, a frontiersman raised by Mohawk Indians who finds adventure and romance in Colonial America.

We’ll continue releasing new titles and more seasons of popular series on Hulu each day throughout the summer. As for what’s in store the rest of the week, it’s a secret — but we can give a few hints: You’ll see more of a team of intergalactic travelers and more of a Saturday morning cartoon superhero this week, plus a rogue crime fighter who hails from Canada, and six colorful ninjas who are on a mission to fight evil. Check back tomorrow to see what’s next!

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Last comment: May 22nd 2010 7 Comments
  • Juliette says:

    I just found this posting and was really excited. So, I searched for the Hulu Days of Summer and found it but, there’s nothing on it! Every day through August seems to have a ? and it says to check back soon.

    I’m wondering when this is going to be updated – the majority of the shows I watch are either having or have already had their season finales = ( I figured this would be updated by now…hope to see it updated soon!

  • While some content does expire from time to time, most of the shows added this summer will stick around for a while. If you have a Hulu account, you can see a video’s expiration date by adding it to your queue and then looking at your queue page.

  • Joshua says:

    Will this stuff be taken down once the summer is over? Just wondering.

  • David Kahn says:

    oh and for the record…I’ve been waiting for thank you for another summer schedule. I’ve been constantly refreshing the site, just waiting for you guys to put this up. I loved this last year, and I’m sure I’ll love it this year.

  • David Kahn says:

    More of stargate sg-1 or stargate atlantis?!! Right on!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    When will Lost and other ABC shows be coming to Hulu? I’m not a fan of ABC’s player and can’t wait until they are on Hulu!

  • Greg Lindquist says:

    Yes! For a second, I didn’t think it’d come back this year. This made my week.