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This Week in Documentaries: Darkon

June 4th, 2009 by Jason Nellis Content Partner Manager

When you were young, what did you think your destiny would be? Did you want to be something practical, like a doctor or a CEO? Or did you aspire to such noble titles as Knight, Wizard or King? Most of us would probably respond with one of the latter, but growing up forces us to look to more practical professions. There are some people, however, who never let go of the dreams and fantasies that they had as children, and pursue a type of game known as Live Action Role Play (LARP).

In Darkon, a documentary from Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer, the world of the Darkon Wargaming Club, a LARP organization, is seen through the eyes of its various participants. Bannor, leader of the nation of Laconia, is set to challenge the might of the nation of Mordom, and its leader, Keldar. The tension between the nations grows with each passing day, culminating in passionate speeches and explosive battles.

“The Shakespearean notion of life being a stage [was] a major draw for both of us from the beginning,” Meyer said in a recent interview with Hulu. “[The LARPers] are playing out that mantra in pretty recognizable terms. It’s fun subject matter for anyone who’s into theatrics, and anyone who buys into the philosophy of human beings as performers on stage.”

Whether you’re playing a role in your professional life, or role-playing in a game, you’ll definitely find something interesting and unique in Darkon. To read the full interview with Neel and Meyer and share your thoughts about the world of Darkon, check out the film’s discussion boards.

Jason Nellis
Hulu’s Geek Extraordinaire

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