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The Plot Thickens

May 19th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

And now an important message from someone near the top here at Hulu’s headquarters:

Rebecca Harper ()
Alec’s Second-in-Command

Last comment: Sep 14th 2009 5 Comments
  • OMG! They are trying to take over our planet. Hulu, we are your friends.

  • Leupold says:

    I love these Hulu commercials, they are so funny my son Leupold thought it was really a plot to distroy the world. I had to explain to Leupold that is wasn’t really… and showed Leupold the scope of things online. Now we watch Hulu a few times a week.

  • gothgate says:

    cute, but the 1st one was lots better. i love this ad campaign.

  • BMB says:

    True, but I Hulu is not targeting 5-11 year old kids. They are targeting those who spend hours online watching TV. What’s amazing to me about this ad campaign is that they are basically saying, “Hey viewers, we own you.” The guy in the above ad looked like a zombie. Have to say that I’ve been that guy a time or two myself, shutting down the laptop at 3am and then getting up for work.

  • michael duley says:

    It may be an unintended consequence but these ads really freak out kids ages 5-11. Great product but you may want to consider a broader (family) appeal in your ads.