Live Stream: Presidential News Conference

As President Obama marks his 100th day in office, Hulu will be offering a live stream of his Presidential News Conference starting at 8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT. The press conference, provided by Fox News, is expected to run approximately one hour. You can watch the live feed directly from by going to, where we’re counting down to the event.

If you prefer, you may embed the live stream directly on your blog or website. Just click on “Copy the embed code” from the embedded video player below and add it to your website. This live feed will also be available internationally.

The on-demand version of the news conference (embedded above) will be posted on Hulu Thursday, as soon as it’s available. You can look for it on our Fox News Presidential Press Conferences page.

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4 thoughts on “Live Stream: Presidential News Conference

  1. This webcast was GREAT! Thank you for showing it as it happened! Loved every minute! It was about 1 sec ahead of CNN. Heard about the cast on Twitter. Would LOVE to see more live broadcasts on Hulu! Very well done, Hulu! Thank you!

  2. Hulu, thank you for making the embeddable code available. that was really cool. HOWEVER, you made a mistake by making the video auto-play. The users who don’t want to watch the speech are annoyed by the fact that they are forced to watch the commercial and speech automatically, even if they didn’t want to watch the speech. In the future, please fix this.

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