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Keeper of the Kohn

April 23rd, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Our featured documentary this week is David Gaynes’ Keeper of the Kohn, an intimate look at an icon in the lacrosse world: Peter Kohn, the longtime field manager of the Middlebury College lacrosse team. But this isn’t a story about collegiate lacrosse — though Middlebury does go to the national championships in the course of the film. Instead, it’s the story of a simple man whose loyal friendship and love for the sport provided him with a family, a home and a sense of purpose. Along the way, Kohn made an impression on dozens of athletes, to whom he passed along important lessons about humility, patience and kindness.

As the film progresses, you see the many ways in which Kohn (who is believed to be mildly autistic) looks after those around him, from attending to the lacrosse team to caring for his long-time friend Bettie as she battles illness. In our Q&A with Gaynes, we asked him to explain where the term “Keeper of the Kohn” came from: “A Keeper of the Kohn is someone who’s been tasked with looking after Peter,” Gaynes wrote in an email. “…It became clear to me that many people in Peter’s life acted as “Keepers,” not just his sports buddies, and the idea of a caretaker or companion became something to explore in all of Peter’s relationships.” Check out the rest of the Q&A in the discussions area below the video.

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  • Robert Schuh says:

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  • […] that Kohn passed away near his New Jersey home on August 5, at the age of 77. Last March, Hulu interviewed director Gaynes about the film and his friendship with Kohn. Upon hearing of Kohn’s death, Gaynes was also […]